Warcraft Short Story: “The Vow Eternal”

Warcraft Short Story: “The Vow Eternal”

Attend the wedding of the century with Wrathion as he seeks knowledge about the Dragon Isles, the ancestral homeland of Azeroth’s dragonflights, in this humorous and heartfelt short story by New York Times bestselling author Christie Golden.

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I must say, this is far better than the original, The Eternal Vow.


F in chat for Jason David Frank



This was a delightful read like seriously.


Shaw deserves happiness.



“He’s not joking,” asserted Mathias Shaw in a deadpan voice. Flynn smiled happily at him, and Shaw’s lip twitched beneath his mustache . . . Was that a smile? Wrathion thought the old adage “opposites attract” was certainly true with this pair. Flynn was a reformed pirate, and Shaw led Stormwind’s SI:7, a covert intelligence agency. Yet here they were—a happy couple among other happy couples. Did no one else come alone?

I’m practically shoving the wedding couple out of the story. Gimme more rogue romance


I’m reading the story and I’m loving it so far, halfway done… but Blizzard… this is only going to cause chaos in moon guard trade chat, what are you doing?

Stories like this only make me wish we would have less focus on “world in danger” threats and more focus on down-to-Azeroth problems that serve to give us glimpses into actually living in the world. (of warcraft)

We can still have the big threats but maybe spend a few years building them up instead of just burning through every possible adversary. Maybe introduce some of those scourge warlords without us actually killing them and have them be allowed to build up their character and build up an adversarial relationship with them. Then it actually becomes a big moment when we face them down.


Dude, no way, I can’t believe they put the funny black and red hedgehog in this game, no way.

When’s the in game wedding?

I read through it and thought it was alright. Nothing super stellar and kind of ends on an okayish note.

I dislike this kind of nonsense, NPC Characters shouldn’t be getting married and their sexuality is not important nor should we need to see if they are Straight, Gay or what have you, I don’t think npc character romances are important to the story or game progression, In my opinion as well as many others its takes away from the story and is pointless, these 2 unimportant NPC characters shouldn’t even be thinking of each other other than being potential allies or possible future foes. Let blizzard focus on actual real good game playable content rather than terribly bad character development of 2 NPC’s people hardly care about or see that has no importance to player characters progression at all. I will be interested in Character NPC Story arcs when we finally get to Fight and put an End Tyrande and Malfurion so we don’t have to hear that terrible acting anymore, Malfurion “TYRANDE WHERE ARE YOU…” Tyrande “I’m Coming my Love” Less bad NPC Story arch’s please and more good game playable content please! TY in advance


TBH,I don’t think Wrathion really needs anyone’s understanding or caring. Depending on his personality, he should be the guy very proud of himself, confident enough to ignore people’s distrust and unkindness. A lonely character who doesn’t feel himself lonely will be more charming but I don’t believe you Blizzard can handle it so…Congratulations and keep ruining those characters.

Good reading. Grimtotem are still jerkbags.

Who’s wedding is it?

Lorthremar and Thalyssra?

They arent royal families.

How’s that racial flight ability going for us Dracthyr blizz?

The Malfurion that calls for Tyrande is an illusion of Xavius, who was tugging at Tyrande’s heartstrings by using her love against her…

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There is nothing that said it was a royal wedding. The wording is specifically “wedding of the century” and that is because it is the wedding of two leaders.

That is such a horrible take. I am sorry to tell you but LOVE, in all its forms, has been one of the most important motivators in Azeroth’s history. Probably one of the few things keepings its denizens sane and willing to continue on even with the face an apocalypse staring at them every year or so .

And in many other(check the Story Forums, the people most invested in the story) people actual like having a connection to characters outside of war/conflict. Most people have a positive view of this short.

As someone else said it was Xavius mocking Tyrande and forcing her to run around like a chicken. I never understood why that point managed to fly over other people’s head.


“There is no Wrathion” only Zuul.

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