Warcraft Radio Interviews Ion Hazzikostas

truth is subjective and open to interpretation I have a tendency to disagree with Blizzard a lot but I highly doubt theyre singling you out for censorship because of it

otherwise 99% of posters disagreeing with them would end up being hidden comments as well no your simply a victim of overzealous posters using the flagging option and in some cases abusing it simply to hide any opinion they cant stand

This is literally the first post I’ve seen from you. Are you mad?


It’s intersting hearing him talk about the design process for the raid. Overall the raids and dungeons are high quality in my experience in this game.

I disagree with what he said about corruption forging being interesting. It’s passive damage and you wear as much as you can get way with. I fail to see how that’s interesting in any way. I do appreciate them trying to make the game interesting, but corruption forging is not accomplishing that.

I was relieved to hear him say that corruption forging is not the future of wow. It’s just a thematic choice.


Tell devs to add pvp vendors or we start a petition and a riot thx


Same here. It is too complicated and difficult to figure out what is best to wear.

Plus, I have been collecting all of the high level gear that isn’t good for my spec, so I can cry over what rotten luck I have.

So, the only way people can be “informed” about the game is if they participate in M+? :thinking:

Actually, there really is no reason to have Blues if they did not interact with the community, find out what is and is not working, and report that to the development team. :woman_shrugging:

In this interview, Ion even mentions that this is what their CM’s job is. :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:


I said, it is not their job to fix problems.

They are only here to keep an eye on the forums and report feedback. Whether that feedback is listened to or not by those in the development department is a different matter.

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I, Donny Kawano, appreciate the fact that 2 cameras were required since the host/Ion didn’t want to be anywhere near each other.

Next interview, I think you guys should consider the extreme opposite approach. Host can sit on Ion’s lap or vice versa. See which has higher ratings.

This is for science!


I really wish we werent the hero of the story again, Kinda kills it a bit when you know everyone else with you is the hero as well. More focus on a good story, less on making us feel like we’re just the most special heroes ever.


Wouldn’t believe one word that comes out of his mouth sorry.


I like how Final Fantasy XIV does it. You are the hero but it mentions your friends helping you. WoW did this too with the Sunwell raid.


and i’d rather be able to run icecap build instead of breath of sindragosa and i wish i could take any talent in the first row except for cold heart, but if you want to be taken seriously in a raid you play by the numbers.

Thanks for posting this!

I wish CMs would create a thread where they post all the interviews the team does for easier reference.

what team ever since Ion became lead dev its always him and Lore sitting there babbling about stuff we already read about on WoWhead etc besides if we wanted to see a pair of boobs live on a camera theres plenty of websites out there


+10 points :slight_smile:

There haven’t been Q&As for months… I’m not just talking about video interviews. Plenty of the team members give interviews around Blizzcon, not just Ion. If you’re not interested that’s fine, but some of us are.

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Mad just telling it like I see it. 10 years and since Ion has taken over this game has gone down really fast and gotten so bad. I love this game but no the state its in sorry.


The problem is the fact that the community does not know if the communication has been delivered, or if anyone is even viewing posts. The solution is quite simple, a bi-weekly (or even monthly) blue post that reviews issues that players have and what the dev team plans or does not plan to do about them.

I know this will not happen, however, the biggest issue right now is the fact that the community does not believe anyone (on blizzard’s side) even cares anymore.


Ion only took up the reigns for the game after legion began. I’ll see how Shadowlands turns out until I start “calling it how I see it” or however you want to name mindless ranting.

Digital Extremes does that with Warframe. “Here are the issues we’ve seen you discuss, here’s what we are doing about it.”


Yeah that is unfortunate.

What is going on with WoW where you can’t talk about fixing the game.