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I just recently got very interested in the World of Warcraft lore. With me having so much time off due to the virus, I’ve been rushing through the books and loving them.

I’m placing an order to get the rest of the books I’m missing and I noticed the Traveler Trilogy, and I was just wondering if someone who has read that serious could give me an opinion on it, and wether I should order it as well? It’s obviously a bit different then the rest of the books, so I wasn’t sure if it was worth adding to the collection or not. I’m mostly
Interested in the lore of the world.

Thank you so much for your time!


Heck yeah, Warcraft lore!

The Traveler trilogy, in my opinion, is pretty solid but catered more to the younger fans of WoW. If you’ve got someone who is unfamiliar with the massive amounts of lore, or just wants to read a casual “jumping” point–it does the trick well. The characters are pretty well developed and they actually evolve over time, which is always a great bonus. There’s some neat drawings within the books here and there that really help bring it to life and adds some visual context to the story that is being told. I think the artist is Samwise Didier, if you wanted to check them out, but I could be mistaken.

One thing of note, is that it doesn’t really give a firm date with the overall timeline. It’s hard to establish what time it is within the current lore structure. There are hints, however, that give explanations to what COULD be going down.

All in all, I’d say it’s a fair read. Not really a “required-must-know-the-lore-read” but an enjoyable one nevertheless.

If in doubt, check out your local library! I’m not sure if they’ll have WoW novels, but it doesn’t hurt to take a glance!

Happy reading! :heart:


Thank you so much! That is a lot of information and very helpful! I think it’s something I’ll pick up once I finish all the rest!

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Glad to have been able to help!

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