War Within runs better in Wine/Crossover than it does natively

in an interesting turn of events. WoW 11.x (war within alpha) runs better in crossover than it does running native app. getting almost 20-40% higher fps.

dragonflight (the current non alpha) the native app still out performs crossover. This may be shifting as blizzards mac support dwindles though. But i’ll continue testing both. I strongly suspect though as time goes on it’ll continue to be that windows app gets more optimized than mac one due to very nature of time invested in one vs the other.


Interesting, though like last alpha usually in the end they optimize stuff a bit for mac as I assume the ppl playing Alpha on Mac are rare.
Anyways i hope they optimize it because personally I am not so interested in playing it with crossover.

So the alpha will work with Apple Silicon Macs? any idea how to get folks playing on Mac into the alpha so the Mac issues get some visibility ?

I’ve had a few issues on my MBP M3Max, but I’m assuming it’s just settings I need to tweak. Mostly I’m having trouble with the graphics keeping up if I’m flying fast in dynamic mode in Dragonflight zones.

Is there anything in particular we need to know about how to run in crossover?

you won’t need to use crossover, it runs natively on apple silicon. I just needed to run windows version for development purposes and found it odd it ran better in cpu tight areas…despite fact running it way i was should have made cpu intense areas worse not better.

Yeah I get your message, will be on Mac but don’t expect any optimisations. Though I am still surprised the native version is actually running on Alpha as I can remember Dragonflight a working version was nearing the end of the Beta so I see that as a positive :slight_smile:

The zone being tested in alpha 3 is not compatible with macOS. the way it renders lighting isn’t working in metal. Not even if you run it in wine. Metal just can’t map whatever graphics rendering technique they are using. Or more likely they have a validation error in it and PC is correcting it and mac isn’t.

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Any news it’s working again in the new build? Curious how they are going to solve it, keep the updates coming very interesting!

Yes the new update fixed all the rendering issues on mac, and some performance issues too. But the performance issues were fixed on both sides. I probably won’t be running it wine now though cause I don’t need to patch addons anymore. but i’ll keep it installed there in case mac has any random breakages at any time

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Nice, actually sounds the support for Mac is getting better compared to Dragonflight alpha & beta.