War Within-Cross Realm Guilds

The new announced feature has me looking towards a future where the MG-Alliance/WrA-Horde trope stops existing as both servers will build communities that thrive and interact. Creating robust communities and whatnot. But what are your thoughts?

I miss playing on some of my Alliance characters but not so much to pay for full on transfers to other servers. Being able to park them in a populated guild and then “visit” MG when I want walk up RP or what have you is attractive to me and I’m sure MG-Horde wouldn’t mind an extra convivence as well.


I feel like you’re putting a more positive spin on it than I would (I may be having a pessimistic streak atm).

I don’t see it as 2 servers being robust together. I see it as a possible death knell for WrA. Former WrA guilds and players who’ve moved to MG will be able to more easily recruit from WrA into MG guilds with a more active player base. MG players who aren’t bothering to RP their WrA Alliance alts will be able to put them into their MG guilds without having to transfer. Instead of building the WrA Alliance community, MG RP gets bigger. WrA RP shrinks even more. Eventually with cross-realm, cross-faction guilds, we’ll lose RP from both factions on WrA.

I’ve got a MG guild with the same name and some of the same character names as my WrA guild and I’ve been sitting on it as I wait for the inevitability of more WrA players defecting. I’ve been seeing people on my b-net transitioning even in the past few weeks, so we’re still bleeding players even with efforts not to. They’re people who were part of the RP community on both factions. I can’t fault them for their choices; MG Alliance is just super busy. Their SW gives off the impression that the RP is going to be better because there are choices.

And WrA forum posters are posting onto MG’s forums with regularity. Where MG forums used to be far behind WrA in numbers of posts and replies, we’re basically neck-and-neck now. I don’t see us winning this race. I’m not even sure we’ll still be in it once the new guild model drops.


This may be a uniquely Alliance fear because believe it’s extremely unlikely for WrA H to get absorbed into MG, if largely because their “ghost town” feelings are largely a mirror opposite of what’s happening on our side of the fence. And that’s counting for sharding and so forth. And frequent impressions of the MG-H that it’s aggressively doing it’s best to stay alive but going up against the atrophy of a larger consolidated population.

As far as my personal feelings? I don’t have any emotional stakes in the game. I love WrA. It’s been my home server since the end of Wrath when I transferred over. But I overall I want to see more people present in the world and interacting with one another, RPing, PvP, what have you. If MG and WrA have to blur distinctions a bit to get there, then I don’t mind.

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I’m looking forward to joining my current guild on WrA and MG characters. Depending on what class I main in the first season of it, and what race I want them to be, I guess.

I’m really excited for it. Gonna be bringing all my MG Alliance alts into my WRA Horde guild.

I am wondering how things will work. Will you walk around on your home server until you party up with guild members in an instance group?

I’m still hoping they go the next step and just make an RP megaserver. I do not have the money nor drive to move to MG and WRA has always felt like home. But especially given my oceanic hours, I’d love to see more people to interact with on both factions as a general rule.


I’d do that if the server had some small quality of life changes for RP purposes.

There are few things that would make me stop playing this game. An rp mega server would do it. I only hope WrA-A can grow out pf this from cross faction guilds. And hope we do not get siphoned out. The goal is for more people to come here and rp. Not the other way around.


combining wra and mg is the logical step

but theyd have to freshen up all the races and capitals to spread out from SW/Org

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But, how do you feel about that, should it happen?

There’s no need to combine servers anymore. Guilds will literally be cross faction and cross realm.

That means I can join what started out as an Alliance guild on an OCE realm (and is now both factions) on Sef here.

Similarly, I’ll join Flashbang on my Goblin monk, who is on an OCE realm.

I hope it just pulls you to the party lead’s realm.

They really don’t need to merge 2 high pop realms. They used to merge low pop or “dead” realms. Not high pop ones, regardless of the population maybe being skewed to a specific faction.

Now, with how the AH works, how you can trade cross realm, how guilds are going to work… seems they’re trying to solve issues without merging realms?

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I think so, theres no real reason not too.

i honestly dont think thered be a noticeable change. Our SW is empty, Their Org is mostly empty and ours is kinda. And with Gilneas and SMC getting touched up (probably not what we’re hoping for) theres opportunity to spread out

I just don’t see why we need to compete based on realms tbh. Why divide the already dwindling rp community into a whole bunch of little subsets? There’s no point. I couldn’t care less about competing with MG, I’d rather just have us unite and bring the rp community together rather than dividing us along increasingly obsolete lines


Yeah, cross faction can help the Alliance side of WrA with Horde activity. We don’t need no stinking MG.

Look I used to be hard on the anti-MG train. Especially in my tumblr days(Good lord wasn’t that an era). But the realization sank in that any idea of a “community” between the two servers is A) Moot point because your network is only among people you frequent to play with anyway and B) a sizeable amount of people already play between both servers.

I don’t want to make all for naught the efforts of Alliance WRA all for naught. But it could use some juice and personally I see the convenience of cross realm servers being a medium network and give people characters to play amongst. I want more players in towns, in guilds, out in the world, making stories or what have you.


Remember that with two characters of the same name, one would be forced to change it, if they ever merged.

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While this wouldn’t bother me overall, I will say that MG-Alliance can be pretty overwhelming. We’d end up losing some RPers because of it unless we can divert to RPing somewhere less crowded than SW. Normally, I’d say Duskwood, but I believe they have RP presence there on MG as well.

I’m sincerely hoping it doesn’t come to that. I’ve got certain names on lockdown on several servers. I’d like to see them just be tagged with their realm name.

TRP and MRP can be used to change names

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