War Supply Crate - PLANE Icon Not Showing On Map

Title. The Plane icon all of a sudden does not show up on the Map when I get the notice/talking head for ‘survival of the fittest’ in the Dragon Isles.

I haven’t changed any settings and every thread I could find states that the crate doesn’t drop or they can’t interact with it - I’m not having that issue. This is 100% that the icon for the plane doesn’t show and I have no idea where it is all of a sudden.

Anyone else experiencing this or know if it is a setting that is toggleable?

Yes, War Mode is on.


It’s bugged. It stopped appearing on the map ever since 10.2. I don’t know what broke it, but yeah, sucks.

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Phew. Is there a sticky for this anywhere I should have seen?

The plane still shows on my screen. Maybe it’s an addon conflict?

It sometimes does, I’ve noticed that in Emerald Dream, but in Ohn’ahran Plains and Waking Shores that I’ve noticed, the plane doesn’t appear on the map. It’s like 50/50 with this bug, could be an addon?


It would explain my confusion when I see people in chat ask, “where is it” and yet I can clearly see it. Just assuming about the addon thing since I don’t run anything that affects the UI.

No sticky for it. They don’t pay that much attention to War Mode sadly haha. Quick though, list your addons! Maybe we can figure out if it truly is an addon causing it. If I’m running any of the same addons you are maybe we can narrow it down :laughing:

Seen a lot of people say they’ll initially see it on the map, but then it disappears. Happens randomly, and sometimes reappears when you get close to where it is.

They really need an in game “Tattoo” to help us all out :slight_smile:

All of my crates this week have had no icons on the map, but before season started i didn’t have this issue

I just came back with 10.2 and noticed this happening as well. I thought it was an addon conflict but then I can turn them all off and wait for a new plane to show up but it’s still missing on my map.

It’s one of those stealth bomber planes.

The stealth is to protect it from random dragon attacks in the sky!!!

Guess we have to listen and search

This bug is still happening. Absolutely ridiculous. What’s the point of the weekly trophies if we have no tokens to buy gear with??

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Of all the drops that I’ve been to in the last 2 weeks~ of playing, only 1 has shown on the map for me so far. Def bugged on WoWs end, not running addons.

It seems that the only area where I don’t see the plane on my map is in Ohn’ahran Plains. No idea which addon is causing this… maybe World Quest Tracker?