Wanting more RP out of our experience

Myself and another are looking for a RP guild. One with quests and events and people willing to RP in a manner akin to D&D. My partner and I have played WoW a lot in the past but had to stop as life gets busy sometimes. I wanted us to get back in to the game and I watched many videos of WoW players RPing and having a great time and bringing new life to an already amazing game. It looked like something incredibly interesting and something we were both incredibly interested in. We didn’t want to start on one of the huge servers as we feared not being able to get in, long wait times, Etc. Instead we Opted to join this server, The ShadowCouncil. Though, our experience thus far has been lacking to say the least. Though our faith remains unbroken, I’ve come here to ask for the assistance of the community. We have many Alts we are currently leveling as well as our Demon Hunters, we are hoping to find a guild that understands our plea and wishes to take us into their ranks. A guild may not be necessary in all honesty, but perhaps some friends to journey with and build stories and character with. Please feel free to respond to this thread or to me if you feel you are able to help.


So you are looking for a roleplay along as you adventure sort of experience?

I’ve always enjoyed that sort of thing myself, and am fortunate to have a RP partner (who does not nearly log enough hours ) to do such with. The snag that we always hit are repops in the middle of chatting about the thing we just killed… and has now repopped and is attacking us again…

I do think dungeons could be a great venue for this style of adventuring though, since trash does not seem to repop anymore (or at least takes a really long time these days). So you can chit chat and take things at your own pace.

Anyhow, I’m afraid I can’t recommend a guild off hand for you to join. If any that do this kind of thing still exist (I remember doing a dungeon run like this with a group in vanilla years and years ago) I’ve not seen them advertised on this forum.

Still, I wouldn’t discourage you from poking around the various social media and chat channels trying to set up a role play group. I think you could certainly find interested parties - the biggest challenge would be finding a day you all can set aside a few hours to adventure together.

One roleplay guild I know of off hand is Circle, so I’d recommend hitting them up. Other than that, advertising you are starting a group doing such and so and how and gathering your own team/guild/community/group will probably net you some participants. I mean, I’m not disinterested in that kinda thing, just I’m a lowsy, slow typer and have trouble with chatting while under fire from mobs. Thankfully my main character here matches the old Terry Pratchett quote in demeanor:

“…A good man will kill you with hardly a word.”

Anyhow, g’luck, and let me know how your search goes.

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Did you ever find the RP that you were looking for?

I believe our two servers are now connected. I’ve been looking for some RP myself of late.

Hi Bormo!

I’m from the Cenarion Circle/Sisters of Elune side of the merge with Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council. They haven’t merged our forums together yet, but if you check out the CC-SoE forum, we have a list of the weekly RP events that occur on the server, as well as a guild directory.

In those posts, you’ll also find a link to the Discord server, where a lot of chatting about RP happens as well! If you’re looking to find RP, or just get a better feel for what’s out there, I would suggest joining the Discord.

Tonight at 6 pm server we will be hosting our weekly Intro to RP event in Orgrimmar, which is a casual OOC meet-and-greet where you can ask questions about RP, or just hang out and meet other roleplayers on the server. (Details are linked in a separate post!)

Hope you’re able to find what you’re looking for!