Wanted a simple guide to Legendaries

I want to go to the runecarver with all that I need to get the very highest level legenday item I can get

Why does it seem that nobody ever given a very simple list of items to take with you to go from for example
…a bought or self made breastplate at level the basic level
…to the highest level possible
… including everything one can add to enhance this item to the best it can be?

Would someone please provide a link for this advice
or perhaps if they are willing please advise me

I do have dyslexia and do not have the ability or the time to pour though some of the extremely long explanations that talk a lot but say little

help on this would be gratefully received

In order to upgrade from Rank 6 to Rank 7:

  1. Rank 7 legendary base item (ilvl 291) either purchased off the AH or made yourself.
  2. 2,000 Cosmic Flux

In order to make a brand new Rank 7 legendary:

  1. Rank 7 Base item
  2. The legendary power you want learned (this is found in the Adventure guide if you have learned it already)
  3. Two missives created by Inscription for the secondary stats you want the legendary to have.
  4. 5,150 Soul Ash (farmed in early Torghast)
  5. 1,650 Soul Cinders (farmed in higher Torghast levels)
  6. 2,000 Cosmic Flux

The Soul Ash and Soul Cinders can also be acquired from Zereth Mortis by purchasing the item “Bag of Explored Souls” for 3,000 Cosmic Flux when at honored or higher with The Enlightened.

You can upgrade from earlier ranks (below 6) using amounts of Soul Ash and Soul Cinders.

(Most of this information is found from Icy Veins but I am unable to link the article)


Ok so I am frustrated by this.
I can not find missives.

How do you search AH for them?

You search: Missive of [Stat]
So “Missive of Haste” or “Missive of Versatility”

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Nope non on AH I will try another realm…

Only shows 4 fistwepons and 2 axe on my realm
Yasera only has 2 bows and 2 fistwepons …

Coffee lol…
Massive not missive I found them …
120 and 130 gold … Done.
On A.D. they are 800 gold each…lol.
Got there and now I need another trip to the AH for Armor Rune Vessel.
Cross fingers…
Just gave Misako-my realm 30k gold enjoy…
For a shadoeghast sabatons 291
Hope it’s right…lol.
Well 1450 soul cinders and 2500 Cosimic Flux to find now…

Got to go do some tower…
Safe guard your soul mortals

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Well spent two hours in the Tower and after 3 runs to 3 differnt floor 4’s. Nothing gained. I did start a mission 49 with my highest 39+ and 25ish crew for a 21 cinder reward. If it passes it Gina me 221 cinders… Got to go read how to get the rest some where.
The guide is not progressing …

Just farm Cosmic Flux from Zereth Mortis (if that is possible). 3000 allows you to buy a bag that contains all the Soul Ash and Soul Cinders you need (at honored with The Enlightened). You then just need 2000 Cosmic Flux plus the Rank 7 base item to make the legendary. At least, that is what Icy Veins is saying.

Thanks I will look into the ZM area.
I have some pieces currtly equipped from there; ie 233 the little robot items.
I got a 259 helm from the group boss there well.
I also gonna look at a group content for the tower of the damed. I see a stone meeting there…since I can’t only solo so far up it.

What realm are you on that there is no leggos listed?

Sorry I got a 291 off AH the price…30k?
I also got the belt today…equiped.

I need tower 9 or better to buy the item to get the mats.
I think I am at 6 or 7 now…soon.

I need tower 9 or better to buy the item to get the mats.
I think I am at 6 or 7 now…soon.

Or you can purchase the Bag of Explored Souls from Vilo in Haven for 3000 Cosmic Flux. It contains the 5150 Soul Ash and 1650 Soul Cinders to make a rank 7 (ilvl 291).

Just got on when I read that.
Found the vender and had … 2934 / 3000 did one quest and had just in time rare for 3002/3000 Cosmic flux … 45 min.
At vender and requires the enlightened - honored … Done.
Right click to open…1650 SC and 5150 as stated above…
Gives me 1850 soul cinders…now.
Going to home then chicken table.
Port to the Maw.
Cross fingers.
Lol … Need 2000 cosmic flux more ; have 2.
Back at it…smile this is research.
Do not lose yourself to despair
1 HR 45min later have 416ish …