Want to Bypass the Introductory Quests in Shadowlands with an Alt

I first tried to go through Shadowlands with Spirlia, my Dark Iron Dwarf Priestess. However, for whatever reason, I could never quest my way out of Bastion. (I’m guessing that I probably didn’t do the main quest line, and was doing side quests.)

I since created this toon, Undead Hunter, and eventually made it through the Quest lines. I have flying in the four main zones and Zereth Mortis. Not really interested in doing much beyond collecting all the Battle Pets I can.

But I decided to bring back Spirlia to the Shadowlands, so I could cover more covenants and collect the Battle Pets faster.

The problem is, I’m told I don’t have to do the story with Spirlia since I’ve already done it on this toon. So, how do I bypass the storyline and get right into a covenant, if I can even do that?

They removed threads of fate for leveling characters. It is supposed to be available for characters that are at least 60, but it’s been very buggy. So, if you’re level 60+, go to the far eastern platform in Oribos and see if Fatescribe Roh has a dialog option for threads of fate. If not, then you’re out of luck on that character and will need to do the whole campaign.

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