Waiting for War Within to try Retail?

Hey guys, big classic player. Dabbled here and there on an old different region account in retail many years ago. I’ve been considering trying Retail properly for the first real time, just wondering if it’s best to wait for War Within as it’s the start of a new story arc. Thought I’d come here, because I trust Blizz forum WoW opinions much more than Reddit.
Watching Blizzcon last year, seems like a few people in same boat as me see War Within as a kind of ‘welcome back’ or ‘welcome to new players’ kind of thing which has big appeal to me.
TLDR: Do I need to know Dragon Isles to understand War Within at all?

Well classic is alot easier than retail , in terms of rotation and mechanics … so its up to you if you wanna wait or get started early

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“sir you spent way too much time drunk and frolicking with unsavory sorts, we’re gonna give you a few shots of Warthin to clear that up”



Wait till war within to come back because yall will be starting at dragon isles.

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Couldn’t hurt to come back now. Retail is a lot more complex than classic so if you enjoy it you can get a head start on learning it before TWW launches. You could also find out it’s not for you.

Either way I don’t think you can go wrong.


Wait until at least 10.2.7 and the Timerunning at least. Dragonflight is kind of a mess right now (in my opinion) for anyone starting it brand new - quests all over the place, no definitive flow of gameplay, etc.

Mists of Pandaria Timerunning will give you a chance to get some characters to level 70 so you can jump in to TWW with both feet.


I would bet that you don’t need to know much story from Dragonflight to enjoy TWW’s story.

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honestly, I dont think we’re buying WW.
My plan is to get entirely off the gearing treadmill and as long as Im playing current content I’ll never get off. lol.
I’m hoping to wait it out, spend the time digging into DF more than I have. I intentionally stopped the story line at a point on my main when I realized i wanted off this crazy train lol.
If it works out, i’ll wait until WW is added to old content and I can play it with the monthly sub.

Fingers crossed that I dont succumb to the temptation. lol

Wait for Nobbel87’s final Dragonflight story summary on YouTube and you’ll be good to go. Doing this way makes sure you can sort of fly through the leveling process of Dragonflight without really trying to understand the story.

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Still doubting blizzard wow who knew shadowlands destroyed so many peoples trust.

No, i think you can get the cliff notes. But DF is the most RPG the games been in a long time. And we werent fully “commanders of NATO” this time around.

How dare you mock NATO?

Only the WoW forums would come up with that assessment

I’m not sure I’d say “best” but if you’re willing to wait, then it’s probably as good a time to dive in as any. You probably don’t need to understand Dragonflight’s story to dive right in to TWW.

All that said, you might want to dip in during the pre-patch event, especially if you buy the version that comes with a Level 70 boost. Create a character, boost up, and do the pre-patch story. Coming as you are from Wrath Classic, you may be interested to know that Dalaran’s apparently going to go through some … changes.


While that was a refreshing change of pace, I did appreciate how the Warlords of Draenor Garrison was a near-perfect simulation of a day in the life of a field-grade staff officer.

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Start with mop timerunning, your char you level will transfer.


Your not missing a whole lot if you give DF a pass at this point. That said, if you decide your going to play War Within for certain I would def recommend leveling a toon to max before the expac drops.
The first days/weeks of an expansion are always more fun and exciting if you can jump right in with everyone else as opposed to playing catch up.

This is a really good idea if you just want to get to max lvl. It promises to be much more fun than the normal leveling grind.

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I think it’s worth the wait. This way you’ll experience the novelty together with the other people, which sounds like tons of fun. My brother also wants to make a comeback after leaving mid Shadowlands. You might want to level up to max level before that though.

I remember I did the same in Mists of Pandaria and I loved the experience.

Then again the last season is days from now, so it could also be a nice start event for you. Just make sure to not burn out before the new expansion.

Depends on your goals.

You could start right now, at the start of S4, because there should be an influx of players returning at the start of the season. The problem with that, is that those player will go straight into the endgame, not so much the world content. The world stuff will likely be pretty tapped out. Particularly if folks decide to level a 70 in Pandaria instead of DF.

When WW starts, there will be a large influx of players, the world content will be vibrant with everyone do all of the new stuff. All of the grinds will just be beginning, so everyone will be doing them.

If you start now, you will be familiar with all of the retail mechanics when WW releases. Perhaps played a couple of classes. You’ll be able to fly your dragon better, etc. The only learning curve when you hit WW will be the new content, instead of both a new game (retail is, really, a new game vs Classic) and new content.

So, if retail interests you, I’d start with S4 starting soon. Just don’t judge the player population too much right now. But get familiar with the game and your classes, then hit the ground running with WW when it starts.

I recommend this, personally.