Wait a minute, ele shaman don't get echoing shock in DF?

Was looking at the talent calculator and noticed there is no echoing shock in DF. That kind of sucks - I love hitting primordial wave then echoing shock to send out 3 lava bursts with one cast.

It was also a great way to proc the legendary where casting each element increases dmg by 15%. It just auto procs it :frowning:

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Looks to be absent, yes. Unfortunate.

Yea it’ll be sad to be gone but a lot of the general shaman abilities are gonna help shamans a lot.

235% movement speed

Who needs echoing shock when you are moving at near flying mount speed in arena. Legit gonna cast a lightning bolt zoom to the target and melee it before the lightning bolt lands.


Where does that come from?

What are you talking about?

If you stacked all the movment buffing talents youd get +235%.

I have no clue if they actuslly stack on alpha but with thunderpus paws, wind rush, winds of al akir, spirit walk we gonna be ZOOMING.


It really didn’t mesh well with the ele kit. Certainly had potential but the cooldown was a bit long and ele single target didn’t benefit much from it. My 2 cents.

If ele had a big nuke, maybe it would be different but ele’s damage is spread out into multiple chain casts and not 1 in particular.

Shay i love u but be quiet!! 🫣 Blizzard is always watching. :eyes:


I mean movement speed will be similar to Druid every minute for 6-10 sec. Outside of that great not that epic. Can’t even be mad shaman wolf form has been pretty memey

I dont think i can stack as high movement speed on druid as i can on ele. Ill look again but i thought class tree + feral tree was relatively the same as in slands.

Ele is going to be near flying mount speed in arena. Zoom zoom!!!

Its gonna be that spongebob meme of “you want to see my cross the map? You want to see me cross the map again?”

He doesn’t know.