WAGGLE Megalounge and Thread (Part 2)

I like cubed spam, scrambled up with eggs. Pretty good breakfast, easy to make too.

That’s a good 'un, too.

Nuts. Now I’m hungry and there’s no spam in the house.

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Do you eat them on a train.


Do serve them with gnome brain?

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On a boat, with a goat…


Why is everything afloat??!?!?!?!


We have moved to floating barns, there’s less risk of belf barn raids.


go watch the gnomies run.

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And see which ones fall in my pit traps

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But they’re running for Cancer awareness.

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thought it was leper gnomes awareness…

Is it cheating if you punt the gnomes to make them go faster ?

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With those hooves? Yes

If you are going to abuse the racers at least wear pink.

How about if i flap my wings as they go by to boost the gnomes speed :thinking:. Be like tumble weeds

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We can feed them up on cabbage soup for extra ‘wind power’ :dash: :leafy_green:

someone who likes disgusting as gizzards shouldnt comment about pizza hut which superior pizza to whatever cardboard you eat.

unsheathes dagger summons succubus. time for the barn to go bye bye. pokey pokey.

“Fixed that for you.”
/silly giggle

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The poor thing…

Your succubus would rather you kept your hands to yourself…

nah succubus gonna pop your floating barn. make it sink beneath waves. goats cant swim.

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