Vulpera Pupils

The Vulpera should have the option for vertically-slit style pupils, since foxes have vertically-slit pupils.

It’s important to me ;w;


Definitely, saw the Dragon visage as a Vulpera and those eyes look great.


least yer honest.
and that it does kinda make sense…


It’s one of my biggest pet peeves towards vulpera, give em lil slits blizzard do it!!! If the dogs can have em the foxes should


I really hope Blizzard will give us the option.


Honestly the Vulpera pupils being round is my biggest pet peeve in WoW.

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Blizzard please fix the Vulpera pupils ;w; at least give us the option to have fox-eyes

(you have no idea how much I love foxes (they’re so great ;O; I love them more than anything in the entire universe), so the pupils being wrong on the Vulpera will bother me forever ;w;)


TBF, my dog has round pupils.

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Additional Vulpera customization is always welcome.

This one? I rather like it. Also here’s hoping they allow for more racial options when it comes to visage forms. :dracthyr_heart:


I just hope they don’t lock vertical-slit pupils to visage forms (though I’m certain that’s exactly what they’re gonna do). I want fox pupils for my fox (I don’t wanna be a dragon in disguise, I just wanna be a fox and nothing else, and I wanna have proper fox-pupils).


If possible, please make them move about without the goblin hobble factor.


Wish there was a way to know if Blizzard has seen this thread or not (I really hope they’ll give Vulpera the option for proper fox pupils).


I’ve never minded it, which is odd for me since I usually do mind things like this (even if I never mention it).

On the flip side, having actual fox-looking slit eyes would be VERY neat! :fox_face:


In general it’d be nice to have more customization anyway (but especially, I need proper fox pupils).


bump for fox pupils

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I have an idea. More customizations for Mechagnomes.

Since HARDLY ANYBODY pays attention to us. And if they do, they throw us aside like we’re nothing.

well you can do like the Worgen have done with there tail thread and open a Customization thread to ask for the changes people want to see on the Vulpera,

Look at all these fur coats :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

More options for Vulpera in general sounds nice, allowing us to have true fox pupils being a good start. Perhaps maybe more fur color options also, the ability to pick our heterochromia eye colors rather than just blue and orange, and perhaps down the line the option to either get a toy or cosmetic option that lets us have nine tails like a mystic fox. I just hope Blizz listens either way as for all we know they may loathe us Vulpera like they seem to do for Worgen if that new Dracthyr female joke about the worgen asking for a tail is any hint


I like the way they look now.
Im not against these being added as options, but i am against replacing the current options.