Vote kicking new players or players learning

How about adding this to your social contract - players who in LFR or random dungeon that vote kick for someone being new, should get held accountable.

You ban people for funny names. How about a actual good cause.


I love when those vote kicks fail and we all sit there awkward like who was the tool that tried to kick the new player? lol


I always vote no in vote kicks. There is rarely a reason to use the system unless someone is obviously throwing or is afk for a long time for no reason. Then I am usually the one that instigates it. And I can count how many times I have done that on one hand over the past 18 years.


the only time i see a vote to kick in lfr is when the same player puts bad onto of the group with the boss after been told 3 times to move to a corner with it


I don’t ever really see new players kicked unless they’re actively ruining the run repeatedly despite being asked to stop pulling as a dps or something.

Even the ones doing no damage don’t get lobbed because LFD content is free and nobody cares as long as they aren’t doing anything super silly.

But yeah, anyways, vote kick is just based on what the majority want. You can toss somebody for any (or no) reason, although that rarely happens.


I’ve been levelling characters lately and have seen plenty of really stupid kicks for incredibly petty reasons.

The kick system is pretty broken in low dungeons tbh.


Wild, I’ve leveled an unreal amount of chars and people often won’t even vote kick somebody who disconnected. :dracthyr_comfy_sip: But I’m usually tanking and basically soloing the dungeon so maybe that warps things.


Me too.

I don’t think the system is broken, I usually find it’s the stuck up, elitist “go go go” player that are usually the problem.


Same…the only time I have ever vote kicked is when 1) someone trolls or intentionally wipes the group. Or 2) someone is afk (only if unannounced, if they say they have to go to the bathroom or something I’m usually happy to wait - now that said if you are going to be afk for an extended period and it’s not something like a guild run you should leave the group so someone else can join.

I’m happy to teach new players. I wish this community could be nicer like the FFXIV community is, but only some of that is on Blizzard (FFXIV incentives good behavior, WOW only punishes the most egregious bad behavior - carrot vs stick). Most of the toxicity of the WOW community is on the players themselves, those that partake in it, as well as those who enable it. All I can say is, it’s a game. Nobody cares what kind of pixels you have, I want to tell elitists where they can stick it.


same i dont see any kicks when they go afk we just push on

Irony is…the same sort defending the vote kick saying we’re allowed to kick for any reason we want cuz no one is required to have you in their group, are many of the same who toss a fit in here if you ignore them.
Double standards, and all. lol

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Sometimes there are valid reasons to kick someone from LFR or random dungeons / random heroic dungeons. These apply to LFR, RDF, and Random BG activities.

  • Person is afk or practically afk (literally auto-attack being 90% of their damage done)
  • Person is being toxic (intentionally throwing (not just being new or “bad” at their class), or abusive in chat toward another player)
  • DPS pulling for the tank and continuing to do so after being asked not to
  • Player is a bot (BGs mostly)

Reasons that should not be allowed:

  • Person isn’t doing as much DPS as you think they should
  • Person doesn’t know the fights, but are at least trying
  • Person makes an honest mistake and accidentally pulls something / does a mechanic wrong
  • Person rolls on something you want / think you are entitled to
  • Person is playing a class that isn’t meta

I think ive voted yes maybe twice in the years Ive been playing when someone else has initiated the kick.
Not sure why, but bad players rarely get vote kicked from my experience, and the votes that do come up are for some petty crap that doesnt affect the run at all. And sometimes its just been some clown who wants to kick someone just becuz…like an overgeared tank trying to kick a DPS player who got more damage. lmao. Entirely infantile.

I have initiated maybe 3 or 4 kicks myself but it was when someone was seriously over the top, as in they werent there to play the game, they were there to troll us and waste our time.

I usually just quit the run if I see problematic players causing chaos. Wait till the first boss is dead and bail and get into another run.

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Yep, takes a lot to get me to vote yes.


People getting kicked usually did something to deserve it and should be held accountable.


Unfortunately, social contract or not, there will always be jerks (and sometimes multiple jerks in the same group).

That being said, I’d prefer a feedback system for players. Though it would really have to be well thought out to avoid abuse and gaming the system, knowing the type of person you are running with (from the perspective of others) would at least help M+ and/or pug raids.

Neither system is going to be perfect, but having that additional information could be helpful.

I can’t say I always vote no, but I do vote no in 99% of cases because in 99% of cases the reason given is stupid and/or doesn’t coincide with reality.

A critical error has occured.

Yeah no. Most vote kicks in my experience are one person being a jerk and 2 of the other people just wanting to get the kick off the screen as quickly as possible.


Seen it when they get lost a lot, or fall behind… Or are sitting watching a cutscene/picking up quests. Also a lot of server hate


I wish there was an option to vote kick myself :smiling_face_with_tear:

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They implemented the system poorly. As much as I dont like to say nice things about other games, FFXIV did their system near perfectly. They created a currency that you can only get by LFGs as well as give other rewards and gave increased rewards the more experienced you are if you group with someone new/er.

This game has a hardcore base, one that is quite stuck up and has been since the first expansion saw the DKP system take over so many guilds. You cannot get people with an elitist mindset to take in new people without a large shiny golden carrot that is only given if they do it as the carrot has always been what they played for.