Volunteer Guard Day Community Event

((Hi everyone!

It’s almost Volunteer Guard Day again, which means it’s almost time for the Stormwind Union’s Volunteer Guard Day event! It’ll be from 7pm to 10pm (ish) server time on April 28th at the Watch office (City Hall). In addition to free coffee and donuts, we’ll have a few events highlighting various things the Watch does. Make plans to attend!

  • Orwyn

The Stormwind Watch’s Volunteer Guard Day extravaganza is only three days away! In addition to free coffee and donuts, we’ll be hosting three events for you fine people! The first will be introducing the Watch’s new aerial unit, followed by an air race over (through?) Stormwind! In the second, Neighborhood Police Office Chambliss Acton will talk about the importance of neighborhood policing and watching for suspicious activity - followed by a search through the city for suspicious characters! Finally, we’ll be moving out to Elwynn to talk about how the Watch will be working with (and accepting) Horde characters also dedicated to fighting crime on Azeroth! The event starts at 7pm server at the Watch office (city hall) in Stormwind’s Cathedral District! Hope to see you there!

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