I use the VW as my main tank pet as a destro lock. Seems to me that it’s dropping health like crazy lately, I have to be constantly watch it’s HP and pump health into it. Am I the only one having this issue.


Using Demon Armor (3rd row talent) helps a lot with this issue.

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Most of the pets kind of suck these days. It’s like they haven’t really been thought of in years. The VW keeps good aggro but he isn’t really all that tanky, couple good whacks and he’s gone.

I feel Blizzard should reallly sit down and re-think the identity of each demon to make them feel more modern because Warlock demons have been generally untouched since BC.


It’s true that voidwalkers can get wrecked but I don’t think the VW is supposed to be able to replace a good tank in situations where they really don’t want a DPS player to defeat a foe without help.

The selfish player in me wishes my felpup could tank because I absolutely HATE giving up my interrupt to have a pet that can tank… but that seems to be how the pets are “balanced”.

For awhile pets were TOO strong, your class is a dps class, not a tank hybrid.
Your pet is mainly there for questing help, if you are rolling up to stuff like world bosses and expecting it to carry the fight, it won’t and SHOULDN’T work.

Tank classes give up alot of damage in order to tank, pet class dps doesn’t give up enough damage when it has a tank pet out IMHO.

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I do only expect it to help with questing but if 2 or 3 mobs get on it, health drops like a stone. Also I notice he’s not healing up after a battle like it should, consuming shadows seems to be not kicking in.

I know it’s out of subject and i kind of agree about the pets being too strong in the past but at the same time having to res your pet 10 times in a mythic+ is not really fun. Make our pet healing ability not a channelling or give us a baseline interrupt. My Felhunter keeps dying in keys it bothers me a lot.

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Succbus > Voidwalker

  • 50% slow to burst mobs before they reach you
  • Same damage as DPS pets and more than VW
  • VW no longer holds threat off me and dies too fast vs rares

Even elites in Korthia you will be killing much faster with kiting between conflags. Or just gather up mobs and Cataclysm and RoF down with Succy destroying them much faster than a VW that can’t AoE tank anyways and has low damage.

Macro pets to attack with any opener with a cast time so they start moving while you cast and not after you enter combat.

#showtooltip Immolate
/cast Immolate

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As a point of reference, I had no issue keeping my VW up while doing the AV Korrack mini—boss today. Had 1 other dps on him and I was able to dps about 80% of the time.

I’d also like to see the function of demons evolve, or introduce some flexibility.

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Yet my ferocity core hound is much tankier on my hunter than my VW & I have to waste less time healing the hunter pet than the warlock pet.

They need to be equal in tankiness IMO.

And warlock pets are clunkier to work with than hunter pets that can dash to a target & lock it down in place.

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