Voidwalker missing abilities

I’m playing WoW Classic Era (vanilla, non-seasonal) and my orc warlock’s Voidwalker pet is missing all of it’s abilities. I double checked and have trained up all the abilities (specifically Sacrifice, but Consume Shadows, etc. as well) to max rank and have reloaded ui/restarted the game, too. I also have a gnome warlock in the same server cluster and his Voidwalker’s abilities ARE showing up, so it’s an issue unique to my orc warlock. These abilities should be showing up on my action bars but the only thing on my pet action bar is attack, stay, follow, aggressive, passive, and defensive.

If you open up your Spellbook with the Voidwalker summoned, do you have a Pet tab at the bottom? If so you should be able to drag abilities from there onto the action bar. I’m not sure what would cause them to get removed in the first place, though.