Void volley already gutted lmao

Thanks blizz, went from 205% spell power to 118%.

Don’t care about the horror effect

Maybe before the expansion is over spriest can get a proper legendary for pvp?

Is it not bad enough we only have 1/4 of option for covenants? While some classes like warriors and druids have 3/4 options

Good. If you sat at a wall and casted it, all the hits would land in one spot and you could wipe out a whole group of players in its duration.

Ya, guess you’re right there’s absolutely zero counter play to this, absolutely zero that the player can do. :thinking:

Better to have another useless talent for 6 years before they do another pvp update.

Or they could actually put effort into making the game better, but its blizzard and asking a lot.

They had to nerf it because it was too broken when I tested it on the PTR. Against targets with my DoTs the volleys were critting for 12k+. 2-3 hits and you’ll just absolutely obliterate anyone if you have good RNG or you force them into a corner so all the volleys land in the same spot.

You can Void Form and then Ancient Madness and shoot out double barrages and probably wipe out teams in BGs or arenas if you got good RNG.

I tested it again on the PTR and it still crits for 6k against targets and the new horror effect will be pretty strong.

If you stand in uneven terrain all the volleys land at your feet so on some maps DK gripping, stunning, and Shadow Priest using this ability will just instant gib people. It’s entirely an ability that skilled players will learn how to use and abuse.

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It did 2 much damage. This is fine. And a horror effect. Hey I’ll take it.