Void levitate?

Why isnt there a glyph to change the holy sparks into shadow ones this should be top priority


Void Levitate, Void Feather, Void Word: Shield - I’ve wanted Shadow Priest to be shadowy and not sparkly-holy for years

Void levitate would be cool. I don’t really think the feather makes as much sense. And the power word/shadow word spells are supposed to be representations of the duality of the priest. I get that shadow leans toward the void and holy leans toward the light, with Disc being the “balance” between the two extremes, but as a shadow priest main since vanilla, I prefer keeping some of the primary spells intact as they are pulling from the light side even as shadow.

But I think that levitate with a void visual would be neat.

bro glyphs are just visual cosmetics let people customize their characters as they choose

If someone wants void power word shield, let them have it why wouldnt you, more customization is a good thing especially on a game like wow

goes across the board for all the classes


Not always and I disagree with you. And that’s perfectly fine for me to do so. I also don’t expect them to make rainbow cosmetics for shadow spells, or fire themed cosmetics for boomkins.

So sorry that I have a different opinion than you.

why does every post turns into a confrontation after 2 or three opinions? Stop being oversensitive butterflies and accept other people’s opinions? It’s not a personal threat if someone think different.
And if you cannot do that, i suggest you stay off the forums.

I like reading other opinions and arguments.

Someone thinks different? Great. Read the arguments, and take it as it is: an opinion. not a threat to your existence.

Love all.


Can we also get a glyph to change the levitate animation to the voidform levitation?

Just floating in the air all stiff is weird


The lack of new cosmetic glyphs in the game is totally bizarre. If I was Blizzard I would be putting in a couple new cosmetic glyphs every patch, but the whole game barely gets any new ones per expansion.