Void Elves in Midnight

How do you all think the Ren’dorei will fit into this expansion? They are exiles not even able to get anywhere near the Sunwell without causing Bad Things to happen. Plus they have gone down about as well as a lead balloon with the community. Will they try to double down with major roles and hope interest appears? Or will they just quietly shelve them and focus elsewhere?

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Story wise, they will probably try to give them moments of awesomeness, though in typical blizzard fashion those moments will mostly go to the leaders and probably the least voidy of the void-elves. At this point they barely have a culture and are effectively just Windrunner’s personal gift to the alliance since she hates the horde and didn’t want to be alone.

Personally, I’m kind of hoping that the Elves, all four varieties, get rolled into a single neutral faction that lets them all play on whichever side they choose to. It’ll break a few minds but I’m fine with that.

Probably a lot of quests involving the void trying to tempt them to their side, with some accepting the void and others rejecting it.


So, basically how Demon Hunters were in Legion?


I suspect they’ll arrive to a cold and distrustful reception, what with literally being avatars of the threat, but ultimately to be vindicated for their Void juicing and their blood elf counterparts to eat crow for not recognizing their worth. I wish I were joking.

Personally, I’m kind of hoping that the Elves, all four varieties, get rolled into a single neutral faction that lets them all play on whichever side they choose to. It’ll break a few minds but I’m fine with that

Why do you want to murder Alliance? If that happend, in retail, the largest faction would be #1 Horde with 40.24% of players, #2 the ‘Elves’ with 35.54% of players, and Alliance would be only 21.28% of players with the remaining 2.94% made of up by Pandaren.

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See the part of that I am stuck on is Metzen described it as a apocalyptic void-light war, one where the forces of the Light ultimately banish the Void from Azeroth. How do you banish the shadow with tentacle elves running around?

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What’s to say either light or void has to win outright? We banish the void from trying to take the sunwell but that doesn’t mean it cant linger beyond it’s borders.

Besides, we’re long overdue for a reasonable Void faction. We have countless civilizations that flourished under the Light, where’s my Night Priests who give the Blessings of the Seven Eyes and it’s just totally normal and not Weird with no overt downsides because it’s just a little bit of void instead of a metric butt-tonne

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It’s entirely possible that they’ll have to enter a void dimension to fight some threats as well so there’s that

Dismantle the factions and keep the elves where they belong. Away from each other.

Can’t say for sure how the Void Elves will feature in Midnight. If BFA’s many void storylines being completely devoid of them are any indication, they won’t.

I don’t think Blizzard can do anything with them that will be popular among the players. Either they are a part of the narrative and forced into the limelight, players realizing how utterly weak and pathetic an attempt at a, ‘race,’ they are, or they play minor bit roles and players are up in arms that they’re not more active in the void expansion.

Alternatively, the expansion could focus 110% on the Void Elves, building them up, giving them a culture and an identity beyond the color purple, at which point players will be up in arms that the first time Blood Elves received major lore since BC has been completely stolen to develop a race no one ever asked for.

Depending on how risky Blizzard wants to be, they might even just get rid of the Void Elves. Lorewise they all lose to the whispers and join the Void in trying to corrupt the Sunwell and the World Soul. The only void elves left are the player character and Alleria. Umbric features as a raid boss. If they weren’t a playable race, it’d be the most natural use of them in this expansion, after all.

Anyways, if history is anything to go by, the Void Elves probably won’t feature much in Midnight. There will be some nameless faceless ones around, but it’ll mostly be Alleria in action and doing what matters most (on the Alliance side of things, that is).


Preferably put down. Looking forward to the PvP quests of ‘kill 10 void elves’

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As we can see from the trailer the Void Elf story has moved beyond the Sunwell and is heading literally down.

It’s kind of sad that Xal’atath looks more like she would be a leader to the Void Elves than Alleria… She is what Alleria SHOULD look like in my honest opinion.

I’m hoping that Void Elves do get some time to shine, maybe grow some characters that are actually Void Elves and not just Alleria basically.


I mean I feel like it’s pretty likely that the void elves will be the main Alliance elf faction in an expansion set on Quel’Thalas. If anything I expect the high elves to be largely ignored since they’re not actually playable, in the same way we never see taunka or jinyu anywhere.

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The windrunner sisters tend to do that; Sylvanas was the Forsaken, Vereesa is the Silver Covenant…

I hope the Void Elves will be instrumental in combating the Void threatening the Sunwell by fighting void with void so to speak.

Look, I despise the concept and existence of Void Elves just as much as the next person, but I’m afraid Midnight is just one story they can’t afford to sit out.

If ever there was a time to prove that Umbric’s pursuit into the dangerous void research was to the benefit of Quel’thalas as he suggested, WoW: Midnight is it.

Our void experiments are proceeding well. I am certain we are on the cusp of a breakthrough… Despite Rommath’s smallminded protests.

The grand magister must understand that this power is crucial to the defense of Silvermoon. Never shall the sin’dorei fall prey to our enemies!

I just hope that the writers don’t do something corny like writing the Blood Elves as overly obstinate and unwilling to accept Umbric and the Void Elves potential aid.


I’m taking a, ‘wait and see,’ stance on this one. We just got Earthen as an Allied Race. Given past trends, I was certain if we ever got that, it’d have been customizations for Dwarves/Dark Iron Dwarves. Clearly, redundant Allied Races aren’t off the menu.

In short, I would not put it past Blizzard to add a High Elf Allied Race to the game for Midnight, and just focus on them for the story. Blizzard loves neutral races and factions that streamline a story from having to be about two factions, to just one faction.

The thing is? High Elves might even be a popular addition. That Blizzard thinks so seems like a forgone conclusion, given customizations for them being added to both Blood Elves and High Elves. It’s misreading the room, of course. Speaking for myself I saw -1- Blood Elf player genuinely happy to get blue eyes. The rest were extremely salty that Void Elves had been given natural skin tones, and later, hair colors. Over the course of the entire High Elf debate, a lot of the naysayers kept going on about High Elves being a Horde race. “High Elves were made playable back in 2007.” “Roll Horde if you want to play a High Elf.” “Give the Blood Elves all these High Elf customizations these people keep thinking up, we’re the real High Elves.” At this point? Pretty sure Blizzard would think both sides want High Elves, and that they’d be a super safe Allied Race to bring in.

They might be popular if they’re not another copy paste, but that’s a big, might. Using the Nozdormu and Alexstraza models is about the only way I see them working out like that.

Even assuming High Elves aren’t an Allied Race, it just feels like Blizzard is up to something where elves are concerned. They might just merge Blood Elves and Void Elves into a single race at character creation and let players pick their faction. If that’s the case, there’s even less incentive to include the Void Elves in any meaningful protagonist role.

That about sums up my pessimism. Void Elves will either be ignored, or dominate the expansion’s story, and neither one will sit well with the playerbase.

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I wonder if Blizzard could get away with removing the void skin and hair options, changing the starting area, and just changing the name from void elf to high elf?