Void elves customization

OP isn’t wrong on at least three counts, one these options to appease the HE fans came at the expense of the actual fans of the Void Elf AR in place of more Void options.

And two it hurt the visual distinction of the core race they already gave the exact model previously, jewelry is certainly not compensation for losing that visual theme that in hindsight shouldn’t have been given considered people can’t help themselves from continuing the list of demands that further pushes BE fans and VE fans to the way side.

Then we have NB who were the Horde version of the Elf swap who seemingly also weren’t touched on at all but somehow VEs were.

Now overall picture may be where the OP would have a harder time making that argument but idk I can see it but it’s definitely imo a bit weaker.


I used to play blood elf and always felt weird, they just don’t fit the horde. When i go to alliance capitals and see Void elves walking around, i feel like they were always there, they fit the alliance.



It was options they were making for the belves, that they just transferred over to velves who share the same body model. The work was already done, they just swapped it over to Void Elves. There was never any “Void options” that would’ve come because they weren’t making anything for Void Elves, they were making things for Blood Elves.


So you really think their going to give the full visual theme to VEs and work on a bunch of Void options? And do lack luster core races and ARs? This isn’t even mentioning that damaging the visual distinction left for BEs is not universally supported among either Alliance fans or BE players.


We didn’t need yet another spam thread for this.

Keep it to the ones we already have.


he just bumped that one after mentioning spam. we know about it

i think its as likely as a blood elf getting any of the void elf colors or actual void skins. its so weird… blood elves cant look anything like a true void elf but they can look very close and think they should receive more blood elf options to be a complete clone instead of more void themed stuff


I have to agree with Fallyn here. As much as I stand on the side of Void Elves getting more options, I also play primarily Blood Elves and Nightborne on Horde side. Blood Elves got shafted in their customization pass compared to races like Humans and Night Elves. Nightborne got nothing at all.

All Blood Elves got was 2 additional ear sizes, 3 hair styles, 3 hair colors, admittedly several eye colors, 3 beards for males, and a deluge of jewelry for the females that hardly anyone seems to be using since it can only match some mogs due to limited color options. It was certainly better than the nothing that Nightborne got, but I absolutely think it was far less than the most popular Horde race should have gotten.

There may still be things I want for Void Elves, but I’m not about to brush the poor showing that Blood Elves got for their customization pass under the rug. That affects me too since I play Blood Elves as well. Personally, I just want every race to have a ton of impactful options to choose from. The Blood Elf jewelry is hardly impactful, restricted to females only, and won’t match the majority of transmogs.


Sandrinar’s thread is spam just like this one.

I linked the threads that the current actual conversation is being held in. Though it SHOULD just be in this one.

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The visual distinction that never was actually exclusive to your faction story wise since the franchise came into existence?
Or are we talking about the juiced up Sunwell light “Blood” elves? Because yeah, you guys need some more light themed customization to reflect your current story standing.


id say the opposite is true actually. just like the void theme is exclusive to your alliance now

i have no clue how to do this without copy pasting LFD options onto blood elves tbh. and weve never seen a blood elf with anything like that over the history of the game

but many blood elf players would be happy to see the farstrider tattoos that we first saw back in wc2

as well as some runic tattoos for magister type stuff

thats really all they need to feel complete


The generic fantasy Elf theme has always been playable Horde, the skin tones existing as RP tools effectively give that theme to VEs who can now barring the hair because Blizzard left visual distinction (the kind thats always been there that you apparently feel you’ve never seen) have effectively two races in one, either the hair is so important the visual distinction that it represents obviously is as well, or it is so unimportant that it won’t matter to HE fans to not get it, as many try to paint it as important for themselves but unimportant when BE fans who value visual distinction voice dissent.

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It’s almost like they shouldn’t have given us a half-brained race to try to appease the High Elf crowds.

The only reason we even got lighter skin tones was because they KNEW giving Blood Elves blue eyes would PISS OFF alliance players, so they gave it to us to try to appease us.

The Alliance don’t “get” anything. It’s Blizzard barely putting effort into Alliance, or doing something for Horde and trying to make it seem like “equal” by doing something with even less effort for the Alliance.

They do things for Horde, and Alliance get the table scraps, then Horde like you tell us that we’re never happy.

No Duh. Because they don’t ever do anything just for us. They do it for the Horde.


Wrong, it was playable Alliance in Warcraft 2 and 3.


Lol no.

High Elves/Blood Elves were solely in the Alliance until they shoehorned them into the Horde in Burning Crusade because Chinese players wanted a “prettier race” to play with their girlfriends. Directly from a developer interview years ago.


What were you playing before Void Elves I wonder? Personally I played Blood Elves but could you say the same on Alliance?


It’s almost like there were multiple warcraft games before World of Warcraft.


One of which establishes why BEs make sense with the Horde you’re just choosing to ignore that I guess.


The High elves left the Alliance at the end of the second war.

During the third war they only sent a few priests and sorcerers to assist. They withheld their army from the Alliance.

The blood elves only then joined their forces with remnants of Lordaeron to disastrous result.

They left the Alliance a long time ago. Only a few individuals stuck with it, which is what we saw in wow.


None of which establish Blood Elves in the Horde, or even that they share ideology with the Horde.

Literally none of them.

Before Burning Crusade, the Elves were in the Alliance. It’s literally as simple as that.