Void Elf Skin

I wonder if that will be for choosing how Entropic Embrace will appear… If so, maybe they are giving a ‘less voidy’ option to match the normal skin tones?

(Analysis): 87.6% chance this poster is trolling.

(Conclusion): Cease engagement immediately.

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… nothing definitive? What could be more definitive than a Blizzard post saying that Void Elves are getting this?

If you aren’t going to take a post from Blizzard as definitive, then why would you listen anything anyone here has to say?


Even though I’m not a fan of the change, Blizzard is not going to rescind their promise right now.

The reason they are not on alpha is that this was a recent addition. Do you see the preview? They have stated that the decision to give them Blood Elf skin tones was extremely recent that the preview was only a mockup.

Give them time.
The skins are coming.

Well, nothing in alpha is definitive, but I’m pretty sure they can’t really go back with this anymore without a huge mess.

edit: in this topic specifically.

Here’s the post.

Im not trolling, I just don’t have much faith in this actually happening. I think they just announced to quell the uprising. So many things have been announced that we still don’t have actually in the game, like many heritage armor sets.

Why would they announce something to “quell the uprising” only to have it explode in their face if they didn’t follow through?

That’s why people think you’re trolling, because there’s no logic in your conclusion.


People can check my post history, it goes back for years and I never troll. I am actually surprised people think I am trolling. Do people really trust Blizzard at their word this much??

What could be more definitive then Blizzard saying race gets this or that when article posted by Blizzard says race is getting this or that.

This stuff sells itself. Post some more why don’t you.

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I trust the fact that the fallout from making such an announcement and then not following through would be catastrophic, and as much as I find certain decisions made by Blizzard questionable, I don’t think they are stupid or cruel. They wouldn’t do something like this just to toy with the playerbase. That’s the kind of behavior you’d expect to see on a children’s playground not in a professional, adult, business.

I’m trolling because I didn’t link the announcement that has been posted over wowhead and forums for the last few days? Good one.

datamining is a slippery slope
the changes may or may not be on the alpha yet
or they are not going to be there

Currently only the eye changes are on the alpha for void elves… and even those aren’t consistently applied since only the male non-DK void elves have the purple eye option and only the female void elf DK’s have it. So obviously there’s still a lot of stuff not full implemented properly.

See Exhibit A. Nightborne. That’s false advertising and it has been done.

If it happens it happens. Which it probably won’t because what they are adding to Void and Blood Elves is much much simpler.

I wish, I thought the new skin tones were cool at first but with the HELF crowd coming out of the woodwork trying to completely change Velfs I kinda want them to just change their mind and add more tentacles and glowing void tattoo’s instead.


Why do people keep ignoring the fact that Blizzard has explicitly stated that the decision to share skin tones was recent?

The blue post they provided was a mock-up.
The “Void Elves” are literally wearing “Blood Elf” underwear.

Have some patience and faith.


Nightborne are not false advertising. When we first saw the playable Nightborne, we saw what they were. Did they fall short of the look the NPC’s portray? Absolutely. Will Blizzard make an effort to rectify that at some point? Almost certainly.

That was kind of my point, that it does not seem a certainty yet, that your post confirms that is not, thank you.

You funny elf.