Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

I kind of always went with this assumption, what with their name change and the fact that they refer to the ones still calling themselves high elves as a different people.

Eh, I dunno. The Farstriders are the most conservative of the blood elves.

I don’t see why people get hung up on the warpaint colours. In WCII they were team coloured, so they could be any colour. More colour options is just better.

As Fen said, tattoos/warpaint for both please. If they differentiate them by side, I’d rather it was by pattern than by colour. How would they differentiate the patterns? I don’t really know. As long as both sets look good I’m fine.


Blood Elves took up the name change to honor the fallen. Its a “no duh” sort of deal that they do not at this time refer to themselves as high elves unless speaking to their past and legacy.

However I may feel about high elves, blood elves or void elves, they’re all linked to that same history and all draw from it. In the case of blood and high elves (as they are today… I shouldn’t have to say this but some people…) are still literally the same people with a socio-political difference. Genetically and historically they’re no different from one another.

I cannot imagine why either group would just stop using traditional warpaint or tattoos. They both should have them and by extension the void elves should also have them. (Even the Darkfallen should have tattoos/warpaint for the same reasons.)

I also see no reason why the conservative Farstiders or even their less conservative members would abandon such things. Differentiation is great and I’m for that but both groups should have something to represent that.

Which I’ve pretty much always been for.

Far as differentiation I think they should have some that are the same probably from WCII. However I want them to also have unique ones for the Blood Elves and the Void Elves that show some differentiation based on the changes to the cultures. Gives them some flavor and helps to make it feel less like everyone just ends up with a copy paste.

Color seems like a poor way to divide it as you can make arguments for most colors for both sides at this point. Also it was based on your armies color in the games so…

Like I said I was always yellow.


That’s a good idea. Maybe WCII style for both, phoenix patterns like Farstrider Hanzo for blood elves, and twisting, void inspired designs for void elves?


I’d love that.

I got that Hanzo skin not long ago… Though I haven’t unlocked Hanzo himself…


hard core!

My 2c on the tattoos/markings/warpaint subject.

Any attempt to share the exact same designs will result in another Dark Ranger scenario and could mess up any chance for each group to get unique things… Again.

With that in mind.

Fyrebusche? You mean the Night Elf Druid?

Ya Zootopia is one of the many alts Fyrebusche (Blood Elf Paladin) likes to post with.


people still pretend like they dont know lmao

Let the antis fill the thread, this is one of the bigest thread in the forum, thanks to them.


I like those primalist eyes, but i would love something more in theme for void elves.

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Void elves want more hairstyles.


The primalist air and fire eyes look kind of voidy.


Skintones and eye glows aside, I don’t think any justification is needed for sharing hairstyles between both void elves and blood elves.

It’s hair.

In fact, give us human styles and kul’tiran styles too.


Say where is your beautiful High Elf Looks Sylvanas from Moonguard Alternate Timeline?

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To be fair, there aren’t many people opposed to Void-themed options which is what this thread is targeted towards.

This thread is targeted towards the breadth and width of Void Elf customizations though it focuses on high elves. Including adding classes.

My thread is focused on void aspects alone.

For parity heres the belf thread too.


Oh poop. I got my threads confused. I thought I was posting in your thread :sob:

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It happens. The thread names are similar to one another.


there are a lot of people wanting the void themed options as myself, i support both. but there’sa a chunk of anti high customizations for void elves, that lurk and blindly support the void customizations options in bad faith to opose the opinions of this thread, mostly blood elf paladin players

they kept moving on, being anti void elves at all, to being suporters of void customizations for void elves, their last stand is anti void elf paladins petitions. dont be fooled those people will never touch a void elf, there’s plenty posts in the void thread of people who lurked here being oposed to this thread

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