Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

Everyone knows about the whole editting your post will get it unflagged once trick you pulled.


Nice try, but it was unflagged by a moderator.

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And yet I get a message that it was edited, it had unflagged, and then one more flag put it back into being flagged just like when other posters pull that trick.


Call it copy/paste all you want, at least we’re getting what we’re asking for :smiley:

Ah you mean the unique stuff you guys have been complaining about because ‘it’s not what was asked for at all’ and thus made a BE dedicated thread complaining about how much more needs to be done, despite receiving unique customizations? :thinking: Ironic indeed.


too much work for most folks let’s be real. The only reason for the hyperfixation on this race is because for some reason a ton of people have a weird thing where they like one of the most overdone and boring fantasy races called humans with pointy ears.

She’s been great ever since she came on, I believe tbh she’s been the face of many a elf-related topics! She wishes for Blood Elf Druids even one day!


Unlikely, more than likely you will get normal hair colors with the tentacles still in it because they didn’t say they would be removed so unless you use one of the very few hairstyles without it, you will still have the void tainted hair.

I wasn’t referring to Blood Elves and Void Elves, I was referring to Void Elves vs Nightborne but thanks for playing.

How can we get ‘normal hair colors with tentacles still in it’ if you also acknowledge in the same sentence there are ‘hairstyles without it’?

Hair color isn’t attached to tentacles. Since we know they keep adding customization (as proven now with updates to VEs post SL launch, post skin tones).

We can also expect in the future (post normal hair colors) to get both non-tentacle and tentacle hairstyles as the precedent already exists.

Oh yeah totally!


It was flagged, edited, flagged again, moderator restored then flagged again.

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And yet my flag from after the edit still stands as if it wasn’t unflagged after that

There’s like two for males and two for females, the rest have it so unless you like looking like everyone else how exactly do you consider that a win? Furthermore, how do you consider it a win when it’s more than likely not even actually Blood Elf/High Elf hair colors because Void Elf hair textures aren’t the same as ours they are the same as Kul Tirans.

Dear blizzard I respectfully ask that you take out void elf and add another troll race thank you!

I consider it a win because they’ve kept adding stuff to increase the different options available to Void Elves regarding High Elf fantasy. It’s also a win because it shows that we’re patient enough to get those options added.

It’s very clear to see that more options will be added further down the line that fit with what’s being asked for and more hairstyles are a given for every single race in the game.

I consider it a win because I don’t care what kind of shade of brown/blonde/white/black is given as my many previous posts used to say. The fact that they’re getting ‘normal hair colors’ just shows it’ll be the aforementioned options. What shade it is never mattered.


… Void Trolls? :eyes:

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Yes this is a great idea!

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Fair enough, I guess if you like being unauthentic that’s cool.

Yeah, instead of tusks, Void Trolls could have tendrils coming out of their mouths.

I like the idea :octopus:

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6 for male (7 if you count bald.)
4 for female (5 if you count bald.)

Sorry. Minor quibble.

Also, Scuzeme!?

haha your name amuses me too much.

Also Forest Trolls when?


Do you actually think I care that much about Void Elves?

I’m surprised btw that some people still seem to have an undertone of the ‘you don’t have it now so you won’t get it in the future’ argument.

These new customization options coming in 9.1.5 reiterate the message that Blizzard already said that customization is an ongoing process that won’t cease. The extra options coming for Void Elves and the other mentioned races proves that.