Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

I would like to think it’s because Blood Elves already have the white and black hair colors so they didn’t want to give them to Void Elves, it’s personal opinion of course but it’s totally a good way of looking at that NPC’s have this but you can’t.

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We have never been allowed to look like Sylvanas either or other NPCs

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I completely agree. I would actually love to see more for the Worgen most of all. And I would love to see the option for Worgen to also get tails. I dunno, I might make a thread for Worgen Customisations Ideas at some point later, assuming there isn’t a thread already.

But for the Void Elves, I can’t wait for more options to give us to allow us to make it look like we’re rolling a High Elf.

We could share the colours from Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes and Night Elves, so the colours aren’t a problem, but there is that sort of debate on whether Void Elves should receive some of the hair styles that are 14+ years old, or receive entirely new hair styles :woman_shrugging:

I would like to see a slider for the Entropic Embrac racial visual effect, to allow us to chose on how much we turn, or to turn it away from a proc to an actual ability for the Void Elves, since Alleria can easily turn purple when she pleases, and exit out of it. (Actually, instead of a slider, turning it into an ability sounds a lot more better)


Entropic embrace should have always been an ability similar to the worgen transformation ability.


I definitely want my BEs hairstyles for my voidies.
My VE lock should look as sexy as my BE lock.


There are two currently going…

Both have been active for a looong time.

I know its a bit of a derailment but what sort of things are you interested in for Worgen?

I want a skintone or two for it myself.


Thanks for that Fen, I might take a browse.

Oh, more hair styles, ear options, and adding tails.

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I’m more a fan of the second thread myself… Theres some interesting takes in the first one on some things.

Mostly though good things all around.

I suppose for full disclosure I’m Albien over there.

All good options. Hope to see you there at some point.

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Took a look at the first thread already, and there is some really good suggestions in there. The second one, I am still taking a look through, but it is off to a great start already with “give worgen tails” :rofl:

Honestly though, something I am jealous off, the topics seem to be kept a bit more clean and civil than the direction this thread has gone :sob:


The thing about the short elves is that people get contentious over them.

Which leads to a much more active thread than just people saying, “ooo, yeah, THAT” or, “that is less for me, but how about THIS”.

And since it’s the most active topic, you get lollygaggers like me showing up, too. And occasional people seeking some cheap thrills who know that posting anything controversial in an elf customizations thread will get them the attention they crave.


Worgen are a core Alliance race too, it’s not a horde centered thread asking for them or an option to let Vulpera look like them.

This topic is contentious because High Elves are a core Horde race.

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Difference is that while worgen and vulpera aren’t the same race, void elves=high elves=blood elves.


Both are mostly good.

We did have a lot of fun with the “give worgen tails” one.

There are parts later in those threads where tensions get high.

I’d say overall it’s much calmer there though than here.

Kinda all of this.

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So, you admit that you’re baited into these threads to cause drama and argue like no tomorrow, instead of saying putting a thread on mute and ignoring it?

I mean, this topic was intentionally created originally for people to submit on what ideas they want for the Void Elves in terms of Void or High Elf customisations, and yet, it is the Anti’s, such as yourself Lann, who come in here to argue and cause trouble.


Problem with that is that means we completely control the void instead of being shown to struggle controlling it.

Is no longer either high elves nor blood elves. They are espaicially not from the Alliance group of high elves.


That is actually why I think it isn’t like the worgen one.

The struggling with the whispers of the void and our control over it is a big thing with us supposedly. They don’t show it off much but I think that was an “attempt”.

(Should mention I’m kinda ambivalent with it being changed to a worgen like one if they ever go that route.)

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This, my friend, is false information and blizzard has stated the contrary multiple times.


No they did not actually. But knowing you, you will quote the statement about them not recruiting for 5000th time and try to twist it to the opposite.

And even then if it was true, not prove that the player charecter is from the high elf group you claim they are from, as the story indicates your from the Blood Elf group pretty clearly.

This is also not to mention the denuser giving permission to rp your head cannons.


But according to some of the Antis, Blood Elves are High Elves, which means Void Elves is from a High Elven group.

And guess what, Void Elves are Blood Elves who are High Elves, which means Void or Blood, both groups are High Elves.


They are a group of thallassians that left the alliance (the alliance group of high elves did not) renamed themselves blood elves and endured arcane withdrawal and resorted to arcane vampirism as well as using fel to power the city. they where eventually transformed into a entirely different life dorm known as Void Elves, Via a ethereal ritual.They are in any sense if the word not high elves, at least not from the group that people clamors to be playable.

That group denied arcane vampirism and stayed alliance.

Now note there is some high elves that stayed loyal to silvermoon and joined the horde as well. One can say the high elf scholar is them as well and not from the Alliance group.