Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

I really like this pic here; it’s a nice cool blonde that fades into a lovely lavender :purple_heart:


His beard is even two toned🧔

I definitely would love a new white/silver color, like this one that fades into a frosty blue :blue_heart:


I managed to find this concept on both a natural and unnatural skin tone so we can see how it looks on both aesthetics. I really like the contrast on the unnatural version.

I also really like the light off violet/silver colors seen in this image, which would go great with some EE esque skin tones as seen here;

I also really love these;

Some more great two toned concepts in more fantasy colors than natural, still offering more color range than Void Elves currently have, yet remaining within a more rigid Void aesthetic.

I’d be happy with any of these options :hugs:


I think they’re good suggestions.

With the white one I’d rather have it fade to an icy blue or pale pink, we have so many blues and grey blues that I’m not too eager to see another dark blue even if ombre :laughing:

I’m up for that blonde one, I do get a Voidy vibe from it tbh. It shows the balance between corruption and self control.

I really like the whites in your post where they’re paired with the several skin shades. They have a stark white with a lavender purple touch to them x

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It was before the skin tones were implemented. I don’t have any high elf yet, and i prefer the void aesthetic myself, but high elves are a thing now.

don’t apply anymore. Void elves should get void based customisations, but also high elf stuff.

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If your interest lies with High Elves, I suggest you focus your posts in a high elf thread. This thread is about Void Elves.

Is this one the same as this hair color but on a different hairstyle?

Similar concept at least.

I really like the coloration above as it looks still very much unnatural while still easily meeting the needs of those who may be interested in rp options for their high elf.

It keeps Void Elves what we are without hindering those who want other things. A nice compromise in my view.

The one you showed to me looks a little too natural overall but at least it darkens.

I’m not against this one myself, but I do wish it was a tad bit more… stark.

I do agree this would go well with it one way or another. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love those ones.


Still is bruh.

This statement is made erroneously. It does apply. It is our very lore and creation of the race. We are not alleria’s here.

These look perfect. This is what people wanted in a way. Pure White Hair, and etc for Void Elf Hair Colors.


Stark White: https://imgur.com/a/tlC7KGA (from Rama)
Jet Black: https://imgur.com/a/7yK2rMX (from Rama)
Pale Pink: https://imgur.com/a/xqBJS2m (by Somand)
Blonde & Void Highlights: A commission made by Rama for me, in different shades, pick your fav - https://imgur.com/a/RKuggHj :hugs:


Brown skin added finally, so I’m happy. Yay blizzard did the bare minimum woooo :joy:

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You’re looking for the high elf thread. This is a void elf thread.

Some good news, maybe blizzard is coming around.

Still feels like bare minimum effort.

But progress is progress I guess.


Just an addendum here.

Linxy announced in a side thread that Void Elves are getting 5 natural hair colors (they did not indicate which ones).

I’m rather conflicted on that matter. On the one hand I’m very happy for those who wanted to rp their high elves have gotten their last physical option…

On the other hand I’m very sad that Blood Elf players may now feel far worse than they did before.

On the other other hand (tentacle whatever) I’m also concerned that their continued focus on High elf options may mean I wont ever see much of the void options I’d like to in the end.

Conflicting feelings. Still I hope the Blizzard sees that there are more void elf fans who are not interested in High Elves (at least alone) and that they hear our desires for more Void options in the future.

Understandably not now though… later. After some others go first… Even if I don’t agree entirely with doing it piecemeal like they do.


I know some people have been calling me a pretender but regardless how I’m being called, you have my support in your requests. I’d love to see EE skin tones, N’zoth style eyes, markings/tattoos in the future, and some unnatural hair colours with magical effects on them.


Paladins being available as a class to high elves would be great. If you select a high elf skin, you can play as a paladin. I think that would make sense and be a good addition to alliance classes/races in general.


I really do get this, even if I am truly happy for more natural hair colors. It really feels that everything the VE’s have gotten is hand me downs from the BE models, and the specific hair colors we do get now will elucidate further on that.

On the other hand, if VE keep being given reused BE assets for HE aesthetics, it does make me hopeful that further expansions will delve on the Void aspect proper, this opinion linked to the fact that another expansion where the void is focused on is imminent.


This is for Void options. You want the other thread my friend.


I’m glad for those who want to RP their high elves. But I’m concerned for what Void Elves will see in the future.

One can dream.

Reading this whole post made me feel like you needed some hugs so I decided to give you some. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Appreciate it.

Others deserve it more.


I really doubt they are going to make more helf options, just because there’s no point now. With five natural hair colors (probably black, white, blonde, brown and red) ppl will have everything they need to make their perfect high elves. When velves get more options (probably next expansion) it should be void options.


I hope so.

I know there are several other things high elf fans want. Feathers, tattoos, braids.

Requests won’t stop (and I don’t think anyone should whatever they want to see) but I hope to see some void options next expansion.