Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

As someone with a background in natural sciences, for me his arguments are basically a translation of the reality he/she wants to see implemented. And that reality is nothing but pure selfishness (I mean have any of you figured out how he/she ask for a Belf clone BUT deffinitely isn´t jumping to offer a Velf or Nelf clone as an equivalent exchange?)

The way I see it, that´s because those kinds of request aren´t born out of actual investment on the races, but merely in the aesthetics / cosmetics surrounding the races.

Simply put it, if the only thing one cares about Belves is how the model looks, then ofc for one to replicate it in the faction with the narrative one likes seems like no big deal if not basically “correcting a mistake” (and you will notice this is almost always sprouted by these types of posters… asking for Helves in the “correct faction” is most of the times followed by “they don´t belong in the Horde cause omg they don´t look tribal/primitive” enough).

In short: this is what happens when people finds their comfort point with the mere aesthetics / cosmetics and don´t explore the races further into their actual narrative development. Visually yes, the Belves kinda don´t 100% match the other Horde races, but TEMATHICALLY omg, they match it perfectly. Even currently with Liadrin sprouting Draenei weeb nonsense, the other Belf characters act pretty much like most of the other Horde races (they still value taking risks, just more calculated. They still keep a certain “genuine” policy -Horde races aren´t shy about crossing limits nor hide their defects or amoral behaviour behind appearances; in the Alliance THIS is one of the conditions of the political game the component races mantain between each other). And in that same vibe, if one only cares about how the DH looks INSTEAD of the narrative surrounding the DH class, one probably see no big deal with the it becoming available for even Vulperas.

Ellincia seems to be less hazardous to Belves considering she apparently rather gets their own separate Helfer design. But Lore & Friends are still pretty much hazardous.

Hehehe… well, I despise the “let´s be hypocritical” game, I think it dilutes what one means to say and is a easy path to cause misinformation in the rest of the readers participating in these forums.

People shouldn´t mistake “politeness” with “hypocritical behaviour”, that´s all.

The Nightborne gals lack bangs on their haircuts, they deffinitely need more of those. Oh, and the chance to toggle off / remove the jewerly in the haircuts that have it integrated (I mean Blizzard, some of us like the visual look but despise how the jewerly either restricts the tmogs OR worse, feel it gives a “UwU princess” sexist vibe for our characters).

Well you know me, I rather we develop separate aesthetics than to share too much and facilitate the path to cloning a.k.a. dev´s laziness. Homogeneity in a product whose merchandising premise is to sell “different RP experiences” seems quite counterintuitive (I mean the moment all the races seem the same narratively and look the same visually is the moment we will deffinitely stop caring for them).

And yes, like I mentioned above I´m absolutely fcensored word TIRED AND FED UP with rando anti´s coming here to tell me I´m not a “real Horde” fan cause my fav race doesn´t happen to be Orcs (even while my personal second fav is the Trolls, lol) and that it should be “kicked out” to dwell with the Humans because it doesn´t look “savage enough” (every time I read this what I think is “if you are a lazy bum who REFUSES to read and finds comfort with the minimum aspect of the race/faction, then that´s kinda your problem dude/dudette, not mine; ergo don´t make me pay for your issues”).

Is unfortunate my petitions contributed to Izza´s health issues, cause I´m confident she would had managed to recreate the tentacles as a hairstyle resembling dreadlocks had she available the proper tools to draw this.


I mostly agree with this.

Lore and many others tend to come at this with a “I want what I want and I’m willing to take any little hint it might be” attitude that, for me personally, hurts the lore and stories of the characters and races they’re specifically interested in.

Like with the constant use of Danusers words of late. Despite any real look into those words meaning literally nothing. He states only what is obvious and doesn’t answer the question in any capacity. He doesn’t explain how new Void Elves are made or if they even are.

Yet many use those words to explain a whole host of things.

I digress.


So much of wanting these things that many request seem born of wanting something that in the lore has moved on.

Again this!

Too often this idea is thrown around when if anyone cared enough about the lore they’d realize that it made immense sense for the Blood Elves (Who are the high elves, fite me.) and these small holdouts actually end up making a lot less sense in the lore overall. (A few sure but Blizzard making an entire huge military faction out of 1% of 10% of a race is immensely ridiculous.)

Yet people are stuck on this.

200% this.

I’m so tired of people misreading high elves and blood elves and thinking they don’t make sense within the Horde.

Oh yeah.

Though I think some of them can be pretty ok on their own. I just wish they’d be more honest.

The constant trying to justify themselves by twisting things drives me nuts. Its enough that they want to request it. While others may disagree with the option being added or whatnot they do not need to have some glorious defining reason for it.

All jewelry should be togglable for all races and available on men too.

Not to mention the just… everything that Nightborne need.

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Indeed… for example I actually dig waaay more the tiara accesory on the new male Belf haircut for this female rogue than the princess crowd of the new femBelf haircut. And guess what, Blizz former “Gods” apparently forbid the use of anything different to sexist feminist tropes on female toons (ergo, the pretty UwU princess crown andthe overall unpractical gaudy neckclaces or bands) or worse, male elf toons using jewerly (I mean guys, since when is jewerly a measure of masculinity / feminity? Cause as far as I remember, jewerly simply means how much money you have, period). And the other Horde races use their own versions of “jewerly” for their males, ffs!!!

There´s a VERY amazing Youtube artist whose work was posted a few days ago in the Belf thread, and in his channel he has too some videos regarding Nightborne. I think a Nightborne thread starting with that video could sustain by itself easily, cause is not mere words and complains, is seeing literally how easy is to improve the models.

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Could you guys please just confirm for me that you can view these colours? What do you think of them?

Stark White & Fire effect: https://imgur.com/a/YeNfBSM
Jet Black & Fire effect: https://imgur.com/a/zUONew0
Brown & Voidy effect: https://imgur.com/a/oeO0LFC
Pale Pastel Pink: https://imgur.com/a/Hr2OSE2


I loved a LOT of them, especially the tattoos, the ethereal form AND that permanent voidform with that pure white hair, it mixes amazingly.

The universe-like part of the hair is also sweet. Like many of the pure void related stuff. And those black eyes really look dangerous.


meh blizzard kinda sucks at population numbers. But there is a legitimate arguement made that void elves was lesser in population at their creation then even the Alliance high elves but was playable. But that’s about it really. I honestly think alliance high elves isn’t going to be a thing at this point, specially with what Elisande stated is happened with them.

yes we can.

Looks more arcane then voidy.

The hair color also does not fit the race theme.

Could work I suppose.

Works of dark irons, but I don’t think would suit for VE.

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I do like the starry/glow effects and that they are similar to the Dark Irons, though the color of the DIs don’t really match Void Elves. As for the tawny/pink hair color, I’d prefer the hair color as a brighter pale platinum(similar to the DI) and darker violet/blue Starcursed effects for more of a cooling effect, though I’m fine with the pink assets in both pictures as they fit into an unnatural/punk kind of look.


Interesting fact: The fire effect orange has the same colour as the eyes of N’zoth, who was one of the Old Gods. Thus I think it could potentially fit the Void elf theme, as dark blue is not and does not have to be the only colour representing the Void.

Other colours often shown on Void entities are very light purple, pale pink, and shades in between that.

Void lord: https://imgur.com/a/IPefMjo
Void lord: https://imgur.com/a/K1QDdSV
Voidling: https://imgur.com/a/YSQW70I

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The reason I like the DID ones for Velfs is because the white is basically stark white with an unnatural blonde / neon yellow shade from the lower half. None of the two exist on Belfs and provide the perfect combo for a white choice with this nice neon touch to it. And I think the black with the effect would also fit well due to the N’zoth eyes which are also being requested on the OP :slight_smile:

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Eyes =/= hair though. I can understand it being an eye color for VE, but not hair. Stark white could work, and maybe change the color of the flame into more of a void blue and black.

Leaving it as is would be more akin to them representing fire, and dark irons should have that theme.


Brown and Voidy is actually up in the OP.

A custom hairstyle for someone’s oc. (also I’d call it pink…)

Always a fan of pinks.

I’d rather stay away from effects that are exactly the same as another race already has.

The fire effect is very much a DID thing.

I agree that the void does have more color leeway than most give us though.


It does, although we should be weary of straying too far from it.

Although there is void-like flames if I am not mistaken.

All lovely shades of violet :purple_heart:

They really lend to a whole Astromancer visual effect and would love to use these colors for a Void effect on pcs. :hugs:

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It’s been awhile since I posted in this thread but this, always this. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Yeah we could work with altering the flame colour to a different one, although I would not go for void blue. I think so many inc void elf fans would love a stark white but not with too much corruption displaying on it. Maybe a soft sparkly violet or pink instead of the orange flame to make it more unique to our race :slight_smile:


I guess? I don’t care about pinks, just as long as it is dark enough to represent void, after all the void is darkness itself in This universe.

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It does not have to be of dark colour to represent the Void (althought Jet black is included in the suggestions). Your train of thought is too rigid, too strict. You need to be open, this is about art and aesthetics, not just lore. And if you are so strict about the lore, we have showed you above pictures of light pink being included as a Void colour, shown on Void lords and voidlings, so there’re your thematic colours.

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Yeah but you’re also not creating a whole new race from scratch, some limitations must apply because the race it’s already there and established.

“The sky’s the limit” only really works when you’re coming with something up yourself.


The thing is though, the entire aesthitic of void elves is the void. If it was any other race I would potentially be more open to it, but we ate talking about void transformed beings here.

Do know though I wouldn’t oppose dark pinks (not a fan of pink persay) or any shade of violet though.

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I get that. However, I believe the majority supports a pure white and a jet black, when it comes to those two I would rather they stayed plain, unless they got a really cool light effect a bit similar to that of DID, but with a different light colour shade to orange maybe.

I would encourage however, if a pale, ash blonde where to be added, to be decorated with void blue highlights, or have dark purple or blue void roots, etc.