Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

So my Void Elf is a Shadow Priest, so she would be a Void Speaker? I dig it!


Does have a nice ring to it. I hadn’t seen any in game so I assumed it hadn’t made it into live ever. I’ve since looked it up. Turns out I’ve been looking in the wrong places. Easiest place to find some is on the winds Redemption in Boralus harbor just behind Wyrmbanes desk inside the ship.

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Hmm. I guess I see where that’s coming from.

There’s obviously actually still a really large group that wants High Elves, but you’re gonna get harassed if you post about it. People talk about the way the pro-high elf players are. But high elves are basically represented by bullish posters that are willing to push back against harassment on these forums.

Like, yeah, they’ve got a certain personality for sure. They’re willing to stand their ground.

Someone said the other day that people wanted an Allied Race or request thread or something for the High Elf faction but that High Elf posters are afraid of losing their image prividges. Not sure though.

No offense fen, but can we talk about actual features for void elves then more disguised attempts to make high elves.

Because that is what void elf paladins is

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I did not know that. I will need to go find them in game now!

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Yes, a high elf thread would likely be flagged. Not by some secret group of harassers as you seem to think though. Most likely by the angry GD masses who are sick of high elf threads.


ARs weirdly seem to be the only races to get all their classes given names like that. As far as I’m aware orc mages were never given an official name, but Mag’har got names for all its clans’ signature units.


Then they should just give us our high elves and be done with it. They can be angry all they want. But high elves still far overshadow any other race request. And no, I will not settle for stupid alleria options. I will have no void corruption period. Alleria becoming corrupted by the void was the death of her character before she even became a character in WoW. She should have just joined the light and went lightforged if they had to do something. Otherwise just having her as she was which was interesting enough as is would have been fine. But no. They picked the absolutely worst path for her to go down.

I mean, probably not now that we can look practically just like them. Also you can turn off EE with macros, and use TRP to set your name as high elf. So really all your crusade amounts to is a blood colour toggle. How often do you notice your character’s blood, really?

And again, as you keep having to be reminded, this is not a high elf thread.


Turning off EE with Macros requires a lot more work than should be necessary. On top of that, you lose damage. It’s basically playing the race without a racial. I just want the effect to turn either arcane and be less noticeable, or to just be invisible while still giving the effect. TRP is used by hardly anyone unless you are in an rp server. I want my race to be canonized. I don’t want the void portrait or the void name.

The blood is a big enough deal. It’s a small detail but one that is always there whenever you get hit to show you are some abomination.

There’s also the voice. I want the reverb gone. I just want a normal elf voice. No effects. We also need some real hair styles. They all are disgusting to look at. Males have no hair that looks elegant. And high elves are all about being elegant-looking.

This isn’t even asking for much honestly.

It would require an entire sub-race system, because they’re not going to add a name toggle, voice toggle, and racial effects toggle just for high elves and no one else. I personally wouldn’t mind high elves showing up under such a system, but again this is not the thread for that topic.


If Void Elves have High Elves wouldn’t there also be Half Elves too within their ranks?

I mean, it’s not mutually exclusive? Ion really started mass harassment with his, “The Horde is waiting for you.” comment, but Blizzard also really fostered that at Blizzcon. It became a trend to hate on those threads after his blizzcon comment. That’s just social proof.

So when I talk at harassment I mean that, but it’s not mutually exclusive. there is a specific group of harassers, then the general group… but that also means that the people willing to come to the forums willing to talk about it are reaady to fight some trolls.

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I would think no.

But more lore substance needed to make an accurate statement.

Play a blood elf and join a community that rp’s alliance with high elves then when cross factions starts up.

I can live without the nameplate. But at least having the option to turn off EE and the voice reverb, and some regular hair styles would be enough. They wouldn’t need a sub-category for that.

No. You can’t wear alliance gear, you can’t go into SW. You are forced to be in a horde guild, be in horde cities, do horde quests. Cross Faction is only for dungeons and raiding. Let’s not act like it’s useful for anything else. If they want real cross faction, let the race choose the faction. Then you could have accurate high elves. But that is no option.

That was tone deaf, sure, but nothing even approaching harassment.

Opposition to something does not equal harassment. If you want something added to the game, you have to put up with the fact that people will disagree with you on it. That doesn’t make them bad people, it just means they have a different opinion. At the end of the day, this is just lore and cosmetics in a video game.


Opposition definitely makes them awful. They are standing in the way of achieving something harmless that would make many people happy. They are just petty idiots. They lose virtually nothing over this. “Uniqueness” is such a stupid take.

It’s also for pvp. WoW communities is for chatting with anyone’s name tag.

You can do basically almost anything except quest with it.

And with the right mog you can look damned close to alliance.

That’s your opinion. Other people don’t see it that way, obviously.


I am thinking he is here to derail the thread again.

I think it might be better to ignore him.