Void Elf Customization Thread (Ascension of the Ren'dorei)

Theres been some interesting discussion of hair styles in the high elf thread that, while clearly meant to help high elf fans over void elf ones, are still very good choices for void elves.

It got me thinking that if they were to add in multicolored hair it could be done as its own separate section. Allowing you to select a hair style then choose two-toned giving you the option to choose the two colors involved.

Which I think would be a wonderful addition. Even if it had to be locked to keep some hair colors from mixing to always ensure a void aspect…

Also whether or not a tentacle toggle is valid or not came up, and I just want to say that denying void elves something we’ve effectively had available since day one simply because you’re afraid of high elves being easier is wrong.

I shouldn’t be hamstrung on my void options just because Blizzard added rp options for high elf fans.


Indeed the tentacles can actually be detrimental to both Void elf and High elf fans, simply because some of them look horrendous on some hairstyles (like the female and male ponytails, and several other male hairstyles). A toggle will simply serve to make our avatars a bit more aesthetically pleasing, and OTHER more Voidy options can be added in return that Void elf fans can opt in instead of tentacles, like the dark entropic embrace skin tones, void markings, and N’zoth style eyes.


People can already play without tentacles by choosing a hairstyle without them, so introducing an actual toggle with more options could actually work in favor of actual Void aesthetics, while the choice to toggle them off completely should still be there.

While I do find an Azshara style all tentacle hairstyle intriguing and support adding them for those who wish to use said aesthetics, I am personally more invested in more Starcursed Dark Naaru/Void Ethereal leaning options, which would include Starcursed highlights/ombre affects, Dark Naaru style tattoos, eye colors, EE inspired skin tones etc. As my characters draw on the whole BC style Astromancy kind of Void infusion, more of a felt cute, might turn into a Void Walker later kinda look :hugs:


I greatly disagree with the idea that tentacles are detrimental or look ugly.

Such things are subjective and stating them as you have feels much to me like your only interests lie with high elves.


It’s unfair to claim the toggle is a high elf fans option and nothing more. We’ve literally had the choice with limitations since day one. A toggle expends void elf void options that have always been.

A full tentacle hair option would be amazing even if it’s just our current tentacles rather than Aszhara style ones.

All good though I suspect they could just as easily and more likely add new colors such as the ones Terokan suggested. Whites blacks but with unnatural undertones to set them apart.

I think these will be likely if Blizzard considers customization with actual seriousness on the next try.


You are wrong. My interests do not lie only with High elves. If they were, I would be saying that all Blood elf hairstyles and hair colors should get copied to Velfs and that they should get paladin. I love Void elves, I have stated this in the forums recently. I love their theme and their lore. I have not supported Velfs getting the exact hairstyles and hair colors as Velfs, and I do not agree with the addition of paladins for Velfs. My interest lie in their majority with Velfs, and I do not oppose High elf fans, but you will not see me advocate for the exact same stuff as Belfs because I know many Belf fans would not be happy with that and I do not wish to create unnecessary conflict.

I am sorry I offended you by saying tentacles look bad on some hairstyles. I am GREATLY saddened that you so quickly attacked me right on the spot as soon as I expressed an OPINION and very dissappointed that you attacked me so quickly about my opinion on tentacles. NEWSFLASH, not all of us are such big tentacle fans. Not ALL of us have the same taste. It is ludicrous to call us hypocrites just because we do NOT have the exact taste as YOU do :rage: :rage: :rage:



You drew a lot more out of what I said than existed.

This is why I don’t trust your words. You tend to take things as hostile for no reason.

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By accussing me of my interests only lying with High elves you create a DIVIDE between us and place me on a different side. I think the forums on this matter are already bad enough, there’s no need for extra enemies. I actually admire your Void elf thread and agree with its majority. But try not to so quickly jump to conclusions about others when you don’t know them.

My interests lie only with Void elf hair colors. I just want variety for my Void elf’s hair that includes some light shades. If that aligns to an extent with High elf fans, and to an extent also with Void elf fans, that’s where that places me by default I suppose. Definitely not on that side that wants nothing added for Void elves.


You literally tried to diminish her opinion by painting her as a fake person who pretends to like Void Elves but in reality only wants Helf stuff simply because she doesn’t like tendrils.

Your remark was absolutely unnecessary and unrelated to the debate. Inflammatory as well. And with this last comment you continue to act with malice instead of understanding why she reacted the way she did and apologizing for the misunderstanding.


Sadly enough I do not even mind tentacles on Void elves. I think most of them look good on the females, but several look kind of bad on the males. I never play males in WoW, but I was trying to speak for some people I know who aren’t big fans of the tentacles on the males.

Ok… I’m sorry my opinion makes you mad.

You sounded like you were not interested in Void Elves. Then you flew off the handle. Had you just said the first paragraph and left it at that then sure. But instead you flew off the handle.

You chose to start a fight here.

Good I applaud you.

Don’t immediately jump down someone’s throat just because you dislike that they don’t agree with you.

I said that I didn’t feel like you really cared about Void Elves. You stated afterwards that I am wrong. Why did you need to include the second part? You called me out which is fine but you don’t have to go farther like you did.

What is the point of attacking when you could just as easily have said you’re wrong. Like you did…

Where did I do this?

I distrust her motives. I never said she wasn’t a person. Again ya’ll pulling a lot more from my words than you should.


Had she said just the first paragraph I’d have apologized easily enough.

Now I just think shes here to start a fight.

And that is entirely fine.

I don’t mind any of the things you’ve so far said in reply except the bolded part in your reply. This entire conversation would have gone entirely differently if you’d held that off.

For what its worth, I apologize for the hostility of my doubt. I still doubted and still do given your replies. But the hostility was not intended.

As I said, liking tentacles or not is subjective. Claiming them to be ugly or detrimental is not the way to go.

Honestly speaking, would you have listened to me if I just told you you are wrong?

Like I said these forums are bad enough already. Is it necessary to be placing a divide between us when you have no direct reason to do so other than you did not like my comment on tentacles?

Maybe saying they look horrendous on males was not the way to go about it. What I meant was that the hairstyles would look much better if the tentacles did not display especially on males. A toggle would cater both to a person who likes the tentacles, and to someone who doesn’t. For me personally I don’t actually mind them on my female Velfs, but a toggle would be helpful for those who do.


Had you just said the first part I’d have thought at least you were trying.

You literally bolded and added angry faces to continue an attack unnecessarily.

Thats why I doubt right now. That said I’m more than willing to drop it and start over. You can assume everyone on these forums is horrible or you can take peoples words as they are and not go full hostile.

Not everyone is bad. Not everyone trusts. Not everyone is genuine either.

I agree.

Too often people go out of their way to attack Void Elves because they want high elves and its common for them to say we’re disgusting or ugly or detrimental. Many want us to be simply removed. Pushed under a rug and forgotten about.

Many of them will even try to hide it behind support for Void Elves. Your words reminded me of such. Hence my initial doubt.

While I disagree with them not looking great on males, personally, I do agree that allowing us the choice is a good thing. Some people do not like them. Some do.

Ironically my main blueberry velf doesn’t use tentacles because I, personally, don’t like how most of them look with their allotted hairstyles for female velfs.

A tentacle toggle would be very helpful for us all and for some may help with their helf desires as well.

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I think Void elves have a great concept, lore and theme. Yes their lore is not very long, but it’s nice regardless! I love their hairstyles and makeup, I don’t even mind the tentacles they’re unique. I used to love the hair colors back in Legion and BFA, but once SL launched and the regular skins came out and I noticed how the hair colors did not match the skins I got annoyed. That’s what brought me to the forums. I didn’t even know about the whole division between Helfers and antis until I came to the forums in SL. I just wanted some light hair colour shades for them. And I would appreciate the unique N’zoth eyes and the EE skins too.

I main holy priest to be perfectly honest and would’ve loved to play that on my Velf but with the golden armor I love using for the last 3 expansions doesn’t fit with blue hair. I play Lightforged draenei instead.


Indeed it is.

I do hope Blizzard makes use of those concepts in the future and doesn’t just abandon us… or worse just use us as a gateway to High Elves. (Not worse in that people get their high elves, worse in that we’d effectively be wasted for no reason.)

My greatest hope, as I think it would be the easiest and at the same time the most impactful, would be for them to utilize all five islands in the Telogrus Rift and build us a small city of sorts. Showing not only that we are now more than a scant few, as well as where we hold our rituals to make more of ourselves. (hopefully with the results being a mix of all current and future options added to us) as well as places to store our people and supplies, stables for our pets and mounts and training grounds for both the magister types and martial types.

I see us as we could be and it is glorious.

As our people often say, many doors are open to us. I think we need to walk through them.

I’m sure you’ve tried but if I may, the dark teal and blue in most lights often can look like a shade of black and our silvery colorations are not bad especially for a holy priest. If you’re going for that look there is no reason you should need to sacrifice a beloved race.

I came to the forums for similar reasons. I wanted to expand void elf options. Hard to believe that was more than two years ago now. Spent most of that time realizing most people on the forums weren’t that interested in void elf options unless they were high elf based. Which made me rather sad. Tried to be helpful at first. Eventually just gave up. I support what I want now and little else.

Thats not to say I’m against high elf options. If those come I wont mind. I just want more void ones. And Sethrak… But thats another topic.

As I said above you might try the darker teal or silvery colors. I find they work great for high elf looks. (Or at the very least with the natural skin tones.)

I also personally think the purple wine coloration works really well with natural skintones and its not too far off from what a high elf could conceivably have anyways.


Well, I find your thread very inclusive, with lots of variety that benefits both groups while adhering to some uniqueness. I actually came on here to show my support for your thread and post suggestions as well, but you cover most of my own suggestions in your OP anyways!

What I have been trying to explain to some on the other thread is that even if I cannot speak for everyone, I know some people who would be happy with unique options for their Void elves that do not copy Belfs. I support unique hairstyles, hair colors, further EE skins, N’zoth eyes, void markings, etc etc. But I do love light shades like white and blonde, so I am trying to suggest shades and effects that will help differentiate Velfs from Belfs while still providing us with variety.

And yes the maroon and the grey-blue colours can fit with golden armor, you are right on that. I think the reason I didn’t go for it is because of this continuous struggle to get variety and the uncertainty on when the AR will get worked on. The waiting has kind of killed off my excitement for new stuff :frowning:

But yeah I have been following these forums for a while and have liked many of your posts on here, and you will find I support the absolute majority of the options in your OP. I’d like to be perceived as a supporter of your thread. I have good intentions :blush:


I appreciate that. My intent is not to harm those who are interested in High Elves and certainly not to harm Blood Elf players, I only want more for void elves. Things that I think (and many others who have on the whole been the sources for my suggestions in this thread) would help to give Void Elves more options without having to turn them into something they’re not.

I’d like to believe that everyone can at least get some of what they’re looking for, though I do not doubt that there will always be those who are unhappy with the result.

All good options.

I like to dream that Blizzard didn’t use customizations as a parlor trick like they have, and that in the future we’ll have plenty to show for it.

But hope is a scarce commodity these days.

Perhaps they’ll focus on it in a serious manner come 10.0. But honestly I think I’ve lost my sincere hope for that.

Again I appreciate it.

And again I apologize for the hostility in my initial reply to you here. While I did not intend it to be hostile, its clear that for you and probably others, it was taken as such.

I find I’m often a bit touchy on such topics after so long here.


No worries, I also apologise for my seer overreaction. I am senstive so unfortunately I sometimes get heated and type without thinking enough of exactly what message I want to pass on!


Well, your upvote in the thread that said -and I quote-:

Actually suggest otherwise. And yes, don´t kick the bee nest if you don´t feel like getting stinged, ergo, don´t complain over getting “offended” when it was YOU the one to escalate the issue. Fen´s response was perfectly diplomatic.

And sorry NOT sorry, the “lul, I goof on muh posting” when you get called out on your attempts are not good enough to fool the likes of me. It´s Fen´s thread and absolutely his call, but frankly if the only thing you wanted to do here was to complain over the tentacles then you shouldn´t had bothered, you fulfill this job more than well enough in the Helfer thread.

I have not personally conversed with you before so this amount of aggression is kind of uncalled for.

If you scroll up, you can clearly see I’ve written the following:

Then this:

I liked Sandrinar’s post because it was another post requesting stuff for Void elves, it helps to promote them. While I do not oppose the requests of pros, I have stated both to other pros and on here that I do not support the copy of Belf hairstyles or colours. No, I do not belong to that group of people who want nothing for Void elves or only support very limited options. But I also do not identify with those who only support copying Blood elves.

I wish for unique customization that will differentiate us but also allow us variety through some light colour shades.

And why are you interfering in this manner between me and Fen when we have already solved our issue? It was a misunderstanding, I apologised for not wording correctly my opinion on tendrils, he accepted that, I also apologised for overreacting.