Void Elf Customization Thread (Ascension of the Ren'dorei) (Part 1)

Just four. Primalist - Earth, Primalist - Fire, Primalist - Air, and Primalist - Water. The fact that they are actually named as I posted gives me the impression that they may eventually be usable by players.

The air and water seem the most usable for void themes IMO. The earth and fire kind of clash. The fire one is more red sclera yellow pupils than an all red or all orange color.

But if we ever do see Void Elf Paladins and also have these eye options, I can imagine we’ll see a small army of them with High Elf customization and using the earth eyes since they are very “light-esque”

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That does sound like something. When I first heard about it earlier this morning it was just a “velves getting gold eyes” with no source. When I finally figured out what was actually being referred too, it was pretty interesting. Elemental eyes for all races.

The names on it and that they have those numbers associated with them that tend to appear on player characters really seem like good indicators that something will be done with them for players.

Don’t suppose you have easily accessible pictures of those two? Suppose I could just go look at the wowviewer myself now I think on it…

Thats probably likely. What one rps their toon as and the customization option as is their business though so more power to em.

Here ya go:

Earth, Fire
Wind, Water

Sorry no Heart :frowning:


Looks wispy like the death knight eyes kinda.

Im sceptical they would just give all races random wispy elemental glow eyes.
Maybe as a shaman unlock or something but otherwise i think it would be very out of place.

They are, but it’s a different style of wispiness from Death Knight eyes and there are flashes of lightning that don’t really show in a still image.

It’s possible sure, but the fact that it’s available even on races that can’t be Shaman (yet) seems to indicate it won’t be class specific if available to players at all. There’s also precedent with the Darkfallen skin/eyes not being class restricted either.

If players gain access to these at all (and there’s no guarantee we will), my guess is that it will come via a questline/achievement that will explain why our character has the option. Just like Nightwarrior and Lordaeron scenarios.


Hey good to see you again!

I’d bet its going to be an unlock and have something specific to do with the powers used by the enemies in Dragonflight. Its going to probably be some sort of expansion on elemental magic.

If this is going to be released I do hope its not restricted.

Customizations should never be restricted, regardless of whatever the lore on it might be. Players should still have the choice to rp as they wish regardless of the “canon” of their customizations.


I just hope they set it up well.
Im all for more customisation, but right im just worried if we do get them, it will be just for the sake of being cool and then have some flimsy reason slapped onto a 5 minute quest chain.

Like the undead skins for elves had lots of pre established lore behind it.
Night warrior eyes didnt have any before hand, but was restricted to one race and the story of it played a large part in the over all plot.

It would really suck if in dragonflight the reason was basically just “thanks for helping me out with that spell gnome. Now all races across the world can have glowing eyes”

I know i put that poorly but i think i got the general gist of it across


Thats fair.

I think most of us would prefer that if they must add customizations through quests/achievements or whatever that they will build up the lore for it and give plenty of reasoning for how it was done or could be easily done to our newer fresh toons.

Honestly world building is something Blizzard has been a little lacking on the last many years and I feel like they should probably put some effort in on that.

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So, for anyone not on alpha, I made a post in CC about something that’s on alpha that we’ve been asking for for a long time:

For those who don’t want to click through:

These purple old-god inspired eyes are on a dragon we meet.

With some simple color swapping:

This is about as perfect as we can get to Void/Old God themed eyes, and I sincerely hope they consider giving them to Void Elves. We lack any unique eye colors since they gave Blood Elves access to purple, so this would help add more uniqueness between the 2 races, even minor.

On top of this, the eyes already exist - so it’s not extra work for them, so people can’t complain they’re wasting dev time on Void Elves.

(And I’m aware this is meant to be the “Cross” version of dracthyr eyes, but it’s not entirely, it’s missing one part of + shape, effectively turning it into a slit, more catlike, or, void like)


How do they look on the blue purple skin tones?

Looks close enough for the N’zoth eyes.

Sadly I am not that skilled with photoshop haha. Hopefully someone else can.


Do you happen to know the name of the NPC?

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Vazallia. She’s in Waking Shore.


Using the same online editor I used before, cause I lack the photoshop skills for recoloring: (The best I can get you, hopefully someone else is better with this. :P)

I mean, technically that skin/hair color is possible for all 3 of them so shrug lol.


This is more than sufficient I think.

Very nice. Looks really good.

That last one isn’t far off of N’zoth eyes at all.

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That was the goal - to clarify, only purple exists in game. The blue and orange/yellow I did with a simple color swap that took less than a minute I imagine would be just as quick for Blizzard. Lol.

And they’re already attached to the elf model, it wouldn’t really take much effort at all to give it to void elves and give us a unique eye color that matches our race for once.

(And just a reminder for Blood Elf players: This is not attached to a Blood Elf character, she’s a dragon, we do not know her race, she could be Blood, High, or even Void Elf. Hell, this would be a good way to introduce a void elf visage dragon.)


How’s this Fen?


I would kill for those eyes. I only wish they glowed.