Void Elf Customization Thread (Ascension of the Ren'dorei) (Part 1)

That is encompassed with starcursed hair. There are examples in the OP.

Wings not included.



Void often leads to tentacles. Take shadow priests for instance. Also void regularly has ethereal tentacles showing up.

Take a look at the attack from the void on Bastion. Or re-watch the intro for a new void elf when you make one.

Further… We already have tentacles.

Old gods are about flesh.

Me too.

Bug like features were rather specific to old gods minions.

Only the Aqir, nerubians and Mantid possess that.

It was a void ethereal trying to change them into void ethereal beings.

Presumably to assist the Void Lords.

Tentacles (and in fact many old gods corruptions) can be seen in most Void based assaults in many places that do not involve Old Gods.

I do.

There is an example of this in the OP.

Ethereals were affected by both arcane and void energies.

Theirs is actually rather specific.

That seems rather valid to me…

Void elves are no doubt going to delve deeper into the study of the void. Such side effects don’t seem terribly out of line.


I’m over here just wanting all of the customizations you’ve posted and more class options. :octopus:


I’m not immensely sure why so many are specifically against the tentacles?

I get it might not be their thing but we’re not asking them to be forced to use them… it would just be an option.

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I don’t get it either. More options are always better, regardless if you will use them or not.


I haven’t seen it here, at least to my knowledge, but in other threads I have encountered some who see it as an eye for an eye thing.

Someone refused them their options, and so they refuse someone else the option they want to see.

That just seems silly to me though when it comes up. If you’re against someone doing something why would you do it yourself?

Again though I haven’t seen that in this thread (at least not yet thankfully) and I just don’t get why optional things bother some people so much.


I don’t understand that mentality. Lifting each others ideas up and bringing them all to the table as options to pursue seems good to me. I mean I don’t play a Gnome or Dwarf or even Trolls but I still want them to get the things they want.


It’s more of an issue of people wanting natural options (HE’s) over the others, one could say they would think that blizz working on void options would prevent or hinder them getting the (HE) other options they want, so they oppose it.

I haven’t noticed people saying they don’t want any tentacle options.

But if it were in my power blizz would not have implemented the spider mounts. :scream_cat:

Sometimes folk word it as K’thir options or just not really seeing it with such things. A lot of it is in reference to Voidberg, which I can admit is a bit jarring if you’re not interested, but you see it from time to time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kinda wish Blizzard had that option you see in some games where you can replace some standard fears with like… bunnies.


Only if we can replace everything with cows, so we can pretend we are in an eternal cow level.


It would be a wonderful throw back. lol


Cow’thias, bolthas, moogaras…

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well, the game already has a tentacled race - draenei and now void elves have tentacle/no tentacle options also. wriggly squirmy things with a mind of their own, cohabitating your scalp, is creepy. lol. didnt say it shouldnt exist, per sey, i mean this is afterall a kinda creepy game to begin with (most fantasy mmorpgs share space with horror themes), its just not appealing to me personally.

hyper how have you been?

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i love tbc. :sparkling_heart:

oh an edit gif!
here we go…

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i know! /shudder

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That is hyper?

I guess joined the warlock club nice

also welcome back hyper


Who said they had a mind of their own? o-O

Thats entirely fair.

yeah! /steals your shades. those are cool.

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void elf with chopped hair and reddish colored eyes.