Void Elf Customization Thread (Ascension of the Ren'dorei) (Part 1)

I’d say horror effect, but it would make them feel like they are stealing from shadow priests and it’s a difficult distinction from them as it is with VE.

I personally think it would be great if they gave us more race based abilities.

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(fan art from ff14 race known as Au Ra. they are part dragon, which explains the horns and skin scales/protrusions. those skin features would look cool on a void elf, like the void has breached their skin in a decorative pattern. also, hair. love that hairstyle/color)

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Not even true VE’s fans wants to look like HE’s you know… Only HE’s and pretender VE fans (which are really HE fans.)


The pink hair works for VEs as well or at least I have no objections where I object to natural hair colors.

Maybe add some void streaks or some form of something in the hair like Izzabelle showed for BEs in the form of wisp hair only more Voidy as opposed to arcane


like your new shades lannis!


guilty as described. :sunglasses:

I personally wish ya guys try to ask for something else then try to hurt VE’s further.

I’m alittle invested in the idea of half elves to take the torch of the HE story for alliance side.

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btw, i am now a huge draenei fan. they are so awesome in tbc!

:sparkling_heart: oh gosh, no doubt.

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The biggest thing with this too, is what elisande said about about high elves and mixing their blood with other races (take a guess who lol)

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Pink hair works for every race, I will never stop supporting it for all races because it needs to be a thing. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Dropping by to demand random whispers when you’re playing on a void elf.

Probably toggleable like the artifacts so it doesn’t get tooooo grating.

But seriously, it’s a defining feature of the race and we have precisely 0.0 interaction with it.

And who doesn’t want to hear, “these aren’t your friends. They’re plotting against you,” whispered in the middle of your dungeon?


I would enjoy that.


Mentioned this in the other thread, but for the love of the Void, please make the starcursed wings a barbershop option, as I’d rather not have to sacrifice mogging a chestpiece for a bra with a collar on it :hugs:


Old Gods yes! That annoys me so much.

I want to use the wings on Fenelon myself but not at the cost of my robe.


I think that would be a better racial than what we got in terms of short line shadow trail that only teleports you in like 5 to 6 miles.

A Void Portal to any Shadow infused Land around Azeroth would be awesome like being teleported to Outlands or Argus, BFA Old Gods, and etc would be a good racial change for Void Elves.


Credit goes to Lore on this one though.

He mentioned it and while I think he was talking about it being more like the Vulpera Camp racial, but it got me thinking.

I am partial to the Void Portal idea where it goes to places like say, the Twilight Highlands, or even Deepholm and Argus.

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No one’s trying to “hurt” VEs.

You’re against neutral options, we get it. Don’t paint someone not sharing your preferences as “hurting” anything.
I’m all for tentacly options for velves, will I use them if they ever become a thing? Probably not, I can simply opt out and keep my current neutral features, hooray.

Do I find the teeth growing out of peoples eyes and arms nonsensical? Absolutely. But if that’s what we got, I would still have the choice to opt out.

The only thing that’s “hurting” VE players is this desire certain people here have to take away this freedom based on their personal feelings.