VoG recruiting all roles for Mythic+/Raiding

Guild Name: Veterans of Gallifrey
Guild Leader: Mandralina
Co-Guild Leaders: Sekhmet and Ahsila
Server: Icecrown
Faction: Alliance
Communication App: Discord

Our guild was founded a few years back by military veterans that enjoyed gaming with friends. While many of our players have a military background, we have dozens of active players with a wide range of experience, play styles, and backgrounds

We are recruiting all roles for both Raiding and Mythic+ content, with a particular need for healers and a few tanks. We want mature, friendly players who are interested in learning, working as a team, and having fun. Our goal is to rebuild our ranks for current and future content.

Our Players:

Our guild consists of a diverse range of people of different backgrounds, ages, locations, and possibly species. We have a few couples who play together, people in a wide range of professions, and members who are formerly hardcore raiders, and those who are more casual. Our roster includes players from across the United States and Canada, so it’s a safe bet that you can talk to someone most any time during a particular day.

Many of our members are avid Mythic+ runners, and we are in the process of rebuilding our raiding team, but we also have (and welcome) casual players who are looking for a place to relax, goof off in Discord, and have a sense of camaraderie.


We require that all applicants be 18+ years old. Knowledge of the raiding/mythic+ content is preferred, but not required - if you are willing to learn, we’re happy to help you learn. Hopefully it goes without saying, but no racists, sexists, homophobes, and generally-intolerant jerks allowed.


Once we establish our raiding team we will have a regularly scheduled raid night (or nights, depending on availability).

Mythic+ Dungeons

We have multiple guild members who love running Mythic+ dungeons of different levels throughout the week. Typically, these runs are not scheduled.

Other Events:

We run old raids for transmogs/fun. Naked fun runs have been a big hit for old content. Occasionally, we will raid a couple Horde cities as a guild which has been fun even for folks who don’t PvP often

Reply to this thread, send an in-game mail or reach out on discord:
Ahsila-Icecrown/ disc: awillett#1032

bump- we are still recruiting, especially tanks and healers. Message Feralbaskin-Icecrown or find me at Critneyfears#11492.