Vivify is too weak in MW

At 360 ilvl vivfy is healing for about 10k on a non crit. That is about 3% of an equally geared tanks HP. I get that the design for the class is to be melee and heal through damage. But that is not possible 100% of the time in dungeons.

Vivify needs a massive buff, which should be paired with an increased mana cost to match so that we won’t spam it, but we have an emergency heal that is actually worth casting.

Vivify feels really strong with Clouded Focus. Obviously you are trading some maintenance healing through dps but AT isnt meant to keep people alive in really bad situations. Im assuming this is the choice they intended with the node anyways if you want more ST healing or burst compared to maintenance healing.

Try playing with your talents.

OMG please no.

Vivify is not lay on hands, it should not be lay on hands.

Also I really hope that 10k is not including mastery and maybe a ReM hit because at 299 I’m healing 11k with all of vivify’s component parts.

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Make us arcane mage :open_mouth:

No way they included mastery or any of the other effects.

Random testing at 361:
Base vivify cast alone was 10k ( so if you need to spam it alone )
Env-Viv was 14000 ish

With Clouded focus
base viv is still 10k
Soo->Env->Viv is 18.5k
Soo->Viv->Viv puts the second Viv at 20k ish healing

That does not include my mastery which was another 6k ish before any modifiers. ( so when I cast viv alone the gusts proc was 6k for around 80% mastery at 361 ) This also doesnt count any hots, it’s mostly a vivify/CFocus comparison but there is a TON of extra healing going out if you env-viv-viv alone with CF.

Im running a Clouded focus and Tears cleave build so I also get somewhat stronger invigorating mists procs too. So I find vivify quite strong when I need it and despite what some people think you dont spam vivify with CF/Tears outside of normal MW situations where huge rot aoe dmg is happening and you’ve set up ren mists and EF properly.

It’s worth also mentioning if someone is dying, and you took the save them all talent, the times you need to soo->env->viv->viv are generally buffed another 20%. I have had no issues bringing someone back from near death in that quick combo then it’s back to dpsing and spreading ren mists. This is also a good time to pop revival if it lines up with the SaveThemAll buff if needed.

Vivify 10289
Vivify 5698
Gusts of Mists 5316


With CF


So yeah.

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Looks like we are in for a 20% vivify buff next reset.
Class Tuning Incoming – 7 December - General Discussion - EU - Blue Tracker - World of Warcraft (

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Yeah I saw that, looks like blizzard agrees with me.