Visible & Transmogrifiable Necklaces!

Hey! Every suggestion starts with one person, then another… They can’t hate us because we want our characters to look a little… prettier.


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I’m on board with this idea. Might be a tad difficult to implement with a majority of the armor that we have, but with something cut low enough, or with a hidden chest, it would be a nice accessory addition.


This topic belongs up top, methinks.

I’ve always thought this would be cool. I thought the heart of azeroth being a necklace would meant it would be visible on us. it is a 3-d object that we hold, after all.

the tooth necklace that comes with the recruit a friend rewards is visible, it’s part of the outfit I think. It hangs around the neck and dangles as a 3-d object so I think it could be done.

Even if there are only a few to choose from at first, I think it would be great eventually.

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Thanks! :wolf:

What do you think this is? FINAL FANTASY?!

I’m always 100% in favor of additional customization

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FF14 has visible earrings and such.

Would be neat if wow did it too.

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More customization is always a great thing :smile:

Right? I’m kind of surprised this hasn’t been the case - transmogifiable necklaces I mean.

I think it’s a great idea. I don’t see anything wrong with additional customization. It would be another feature for those who like that stuff. I probably wouldn’t use it, but I know my daughter would love having more choices.

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I feel like nearly all players care at least a little bit about how they look. And players like your daughter would love this. It’s a win in all regards! :slight_smile:

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See, appearances for the HoA would have been cool.

But honestly if we’re doing this I want moggable rings or knuckle duster fist weapons. The ones currently in game don’t stay on the knuckles close enough.

Im all for this butt im sick of going bald eveytime I equip my hat

Right? Apparently Nightborne cannot grow facial either. :frowning:

YES necklaces would be nice, They already have shown us they have the ability to make them.

(But I secretly want the ability to dye my hair clips different colors first. I’m sorry if I’m in a red outfit my pony tail clip should be red…it’s just science!)

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That is a nice little extra in FF14. You see your rings, earrings, and necklaces. It’s not huge, but it’s a nice touch.

In my case, as a Nightborne, my chest area is really bland as I can’t even grow facial hair. A necklace would really be a small touch, but as you say a nice touch. Rings I can understand not being visible (they’re so tiny) but there is a big, empty spot necklaces can fill.