Viewer's Guide: Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals!

Viewer's Guide: Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals!

The MDI Season 1 Global Finals are live on YouTube April 23-25, beginning at 10 am PT!

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Thank you, but I’m not interested.


It’s not only you.


Isn’t this considered spam? You guys posted yesterday about the casters’ predictions. This should be in the Dungeons/Raids forum :stuck_out_tongue:


New Global Region…??? And they are…??? Just love these, no explanation, changes !!!

Lol CNA I bet the teams will be using the exact same comp, doing the exact same pull, combustion at the same time doing exactly the same route. So why bother watching just to see who can press their button faster?

Can this season end soon? RIP.

:surfing_woman: :surfing_man:

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Wait, is this the Big Push we were told about, or should we still anticipate a Big Push in our future?

Woohoo MDI! Can’t wait to watch it!! Yeah!!! Gogogo

I have an even better guide!

Report OP for spamming troll topic, we’ve had this thread before man, you can just post in there

Just end the expansion blizz, you put up a good fight.

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Wow I sure can’t wait to watch fire mages continue to completely ruin the entire game mode because you don’t want to target cap them or remove everybody elses aoe caps :slight_smile:.