<Viable> NYA CE / Nathria 6/10M 10/10H TWTh 8-11PM CST recruiting

Viable is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that formed at the end of 8.3 to obtain CE and build for Shadowlands. Since our formation, we have progressed through 12/12 Mythic Ny’alotha in four weeks of raiding. However, our work is not done. We are looking to further improve and expand our roster in order to prepare for the release of Shadowlands, and achieve higher world rankings.

We raid:
Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11PM CST

What we want:
We LOVE vocal players. While it goes without saying that you must be able to communicate any critical details regarding an encounter to the rest of the raid, being able and willing to communicate any semi-important details which may facilitate the fight for others is a huge plus.

Players who can quickly adapt to an encounter in the absence of strategy guides and/or when randomness occurs. Whether it’s a bug, or simply bad luck, we expect you to react appropriately and make the best of any situation during encounters.

Perfect attendance. Okay, maybe not PERFECT, but we expect you to make every raid unless something incredibly important comes up, or an emergency occurs. Our raiders greatly value their raid time and essentially have perfect attendance – we expect the same from you.

Gear and experience. As we are a guild currently progressing in content, we expect you to be adequately geared for the encounters, as well as experienced with them.

Players who are able and willing to play multiple specs as necessary. Certain fights favor certain specs. As such, we expect you to be willing to utilize such advantages should we deem it necessary. (Geared alts are a huge plus!)

Players who are able to provide their own supplies to raid.

Our recruitment is open to:
-Non-DH Tank
-Unh DK
-Disc Priest
Any other exceptional applicants will be considered

Send an in-game tell to Sck, or add on discord if you have any further questions:

Apply here:
https:// forms.gle/P6nmuCXX2hv92imR6 (remove space between / and forms)

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Still need some exceptional dps!

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Flex players as well!

Still looking to add a few players to strengthen our raid team!

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Looking for just a few more exceptional players for cara/nzoth!

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bump! cara almost down!

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Cara down! Looking for exceptional players for N’zoth

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Nzoth is down. CE acquired. Recruitment open for Shadowlands!

Looking for exceptional raiders for Shadowlands!

Couple weeks until go time! Need great raiders!


Need more people!

Submitted an app today!

still looking for dps and healers!

Solid guild! Great atmosphere!

Three players LF Guild

All experienced in Mythic Raiding.

Shaman - Mains Resto, can DPS
Warlock - Any spec
Warrior - Mains Furry, can off-tank. Willing to go Mage if needed.


Still looking for a few exceptional players!

CE players this is your time to shine!

still looking!!