Vetrean Player Looking For Home

TL:DR Horde Havoc DH looking for a new home to meet new friends and tackle raids/mythics

Hey my fellow Horde Duskwoodian’s and Bloodhoofian’s I’ve been primarily a solo player during my years on WoW, joining my friends guilds that would mainly consist of 3 or 4 full time players just some where to hang out at. As such I’ve always been pugging when I want to tackle any higher tier content. Well now all my friends are no longer playing and I find myself alone in an empty guild. I’ve always wanted the structure and belonging I see in so many guilds and am hoping to reach out in an attempt to find my new home. Thanks

Sorry didn’t realize I was posting this on an alt this is my main anyway thanks for reading take care!

Hi there. Team B is recruiting. We do a little bit of everything. Currently 11/11N and 7/11H with our sister guild on Zul’jin.

We were hoping for a DH that could both tank and DPS for raids & M+, but if you’re looking for a home you’re welcome to come see if we’re a good fit for one another. We just want players dedicated to improving their characters and their own play. :sunny:

You can find us in the Guild Finder tool and apply for an invite through there.