Veteran Player, New Horizons?

I played since like one month before BC came out, sort of always saw myself as a semi-hardcore PvPer way back when. Over the years with all kinds of changes having been made I’ve been sort of seeing an appeal to smaller servers. The larger crowded servers has me a little uneasy, and I find myself not entirely being as active as I’d like to be. So before prepatch hits, I’m thinking my plan is to just come on over with a new toon of some sort and see what happens.

What’s the history with this server, anyhow?

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I am the history of this server, that is all. Welcome I am the king of this server. Ravenholdt has been mired in controversy and power struggles between ego driven mad men. After Cataclysm it the numbers of people started dwindling when people like myself went dark. The likelihood of Ravenholdt every being what it once was is unlikely to say the least, but impossible to be brutally honest.

It was an active RP PvP realm with organized cross-faction RP PvP events. We had all sorts of guilds, infamous players like Cefka and others I don’t remember the name. We were big enough to have a healthy community and not feel too small, but also small enough so that it was easy to remember guild names and player names.

After RH died I moved to a lot of servers and never found a server like it again. The closest I got to an RH feel was on Emerald Dream but it felt a lot bigger.