Veteran guild looking for more people

Did you log into Dragonflight and find out that your guild is almost empty or completely gone? Do you miss having other people to chat with?

Damage Incorporated has been around since 2006. We are a community focused guild filled with mature and friendly players of all varieties. Some chase achievements, some run M+ high and low, others raid, and a few love pvp, but every one of us values having a good time. We strive to keep the game fresh and fun for all of our members so that we can play our favorite game together.

We are looking for players who are in search of a new home, who are interested in playing in an easy going guild environment. If you are looking to raid, awesome, we have a new raid group. Maybe you don’t want to raid, but you like to run dungeons, or do achievements? We can help with that too! Or maybe you are just looking for a guild with real people to chat with. All you have to bring is a solid attitude and enthusiasm for the game. We can help with all the rest. Feel free to contact us in game or leave a reply here.

Damage Incorporated Guild