Very Sad Good Bye To My Dear Friend Wyst / Anlya

A dear RP friend of mine is terminally ill with ovarian cancer. Many Alumni Rpers may recall her as a night elf known as “Anlya” (back in the day) or a Horde Troll named Wyst. I did not even know that she was gravely ill until the last moment. Aelannor and she has always been so close. Aelannor is a dear friend of mine as well. It was he that informed me of her grave condition.

And even though I know she will never read these words. I want to say them just the same because she shared a part of this world with me and it is here I will drop a piece of my heart for her. Because right now- it is all that I can do…

Oh my gosh if I ONLY knew. …If I only knew that the clock was ticking. Your loss is greatly felt. I feel like my heart is about to explode… it is breaking- for you, for Aelannor, and for your husband 'Thunderloon !!

NOOO!!!..I don’t want you to go. I am not there !!!. Wyst I love you !! I wish our lives were not so torn apart by Real Life and our horrible mix matched time frames and passing. I will protect Aelannor for you the best that I can. He loves you so dearly.

And the news to me was too soon. it was a shock, a horrible slap in the face. A reminder that no one knows the time or hour that we have left. And sometimes everything happens so fast, so quickly that it is all that you can do to just hold on. I did not even have a clue that you were even sick until it was too late. But I am praying for you. I am praying for your soul. I love you girl… OMG the memories are flooding and I am not sure which will drown me - them or my tears. I have loved you so dearly. And have always hoped for some more time with you-but now the time clock is doing it’s last run and I am helpless to stop it. Come back to me Wyst, come back to me Anlya-- Ann!!!–Theresa!!! Don’t go!!! --we love you and need you…Loon needs you–Aelannor needs you. We ALL need you!!! I can not be the 'you’ that he /they need. I can only be me…and who am I?..who am I but someone who loves you and he so damn much and now I stand helpless to watch you go and leave them with a hollow spot that I will be challenged to help comfort. If he allows me to comfort. Theresa, I could not stop the world for you but–you stopped my world and have left a large wake in there that nothing will ever be able to fill. I love you my Anlya…

I remember many years ago when you Rp’d that Anlya was deathly ill and how Syvbar comforted her, held her close and comforted her with kisses. She had the power of the light-but I am helpless. I can not reach you now. But I promise to be there for Loon and Aelannor and take care of them.

You are dying and a part of me is dying with you. I will never be the same…I will cherish you for the rest of my life. I love you Theresa and thank you for introducing me to Aelannor and taking time to build such beautiful memories. —<3

Thank You Blizzard for letting write my respects. I just wish she could have heard them personally. :broken_heart:

[Update] : My friend ‘Wyst/Anlya’ [Theresa] passed away last night Saturday 19 (2021) After a long hard bought with ovarian cancer. She fought like a true warrior. My heart is shattered and she will be truly missed.


My heart. This is beautiful.

Thank you for sharing this lovely heartfelt essay. I’m so sorry you lost your friend, and I’m glad you had someplace to say goodbye even though you couldn’t say it to her.

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I’m so sorry to hear this about Wyst. I remember her from many years ago as well. Thank you for letting us know. Take care.

I’m so sorry to hear about Wyst’s passing. She was one of the kindest people I ever met on Earthen Ring, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her in person once when I lived near her.