Very Exp 249 Ilvl 2148 Raider IO 10/10H SOD (Pugging)DPS War Looking for day time raiding guild


My name is Ick. I have been playing since classic on and off. Ex raid leader of a mythic raiding guild.

As the title suggests. I am looking for a daytime raiding guild. I currently play mostly during the day for my own prog, and at night I tend to play more with my wife. Wife would be coming as well, but would not be focused on raiding.

This xpac I raided CN with 10/10H and 5/10M. Unfortunately had to step away from raiding due to some health issues this tier. But looking to return.

My experience consists of:

Classic: Tanking/Warrior- Everything up to Twins in AQ40, where my guild fell apart.

TBC: Tanking/Warrior-Everything up to Brutallus, where my guild fell apart, again.

WotLK: Raid Lead/Tanking/Warrior- Completed all raid content and pushed for server first on silvermoon Yogg.

Cata:Took Cata off from structured raiding and focused primarily on alts

Mists: Raid Lead/DPS/Warrior-Completed Mythic Challenger set as well all raid content. Not all completed as mythic, but completed Siege fully on mythic.

WoD: Raid Lead/DPS/Warrior- Completed Mythic Challenger set as well as all raid content. Got up to Mannoroth Mythic completed.

Legion: DPS/Warrior- Was in college. Only played Tomb, and made it to Maiden on mythic.

BFA: DPS/Warrior- Married, job, life. Completed 8/8 Heroic EP, 12/12 Heroic NYA, 5/12 Mythic NYA.

If you would like more information about my prior experience, please add me on My Real ID is Ick#1454

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Hey there, if you’re available during the weekend daytime I run a weekend afternoon raiding guild that’s looking for a warrior. We’re AOTC focused with light mythic progression given the roster/availability (10/10H 1/10M this patch). Let me know if you have any interest!