Venthyr Covenant: Your Invitation Awaits

“They call me Nadjia the Poker”

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Plate set looks like a Transformer. :rofl:

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Can she have a non combat pet Bat that flies around and randomly says “BAT!”?


Or a hat that you wear that she will tell you the hat is cursed and it randomly has effects on you.


I sure hope all of you who are giving Nadjia love plan to soulbind with her. Otherwise it’s all just talk.


Did I miss something or is druid the only class with a negative effect on their ability?

Crypt Lord approved.

I do hope that you don’t plan on keeping goblins earless for that (or any other) set

I thought the Venthyr had some kind of wing-like bone back piece. Or am I thinking of some other covenant?

That’s the bone bros.

The abilities are so good, but everything else… not so much.

“Every day among them brings punishment and reward—though telling the two apart can get a bit fuzzy.”

Ok cool, why do druids get penalized for using the buff and other classes get Extra Buffed for failing to use it in the best way?

This sucks

Seriously stupid party for weekly vs boss rush but cheat death and tp means I’m forced to go to a stupid annoying party.

I really really really need to know that we will be able to eventually play as a Venthyr… I can’t imagine I’m alone in needing to be the edgiest thing possible at all times. So please confirm we will be able to this cool race. Thanks love you.

Eastern Europeans, rejoice! Your WoW moment has finally came! :smiley:

Is Slaughter fixed yet? I have no beta access so i haven’t try it myself but everybody says it’s worthless, i’m lore first and venthyr was my choice since announcement, is been months since the abilities were revealed, and haven’t heard anything about Slaughter i main a rogue assa since wrath, this sucks. the things ive heard is that Slaughter adds nothing to assa, it just changes nature for shadow, pls can someone tell me if is still this weak.

Oh, thank you. It’s even engraved and redolent of blood and lavender. I hope this is a sign of things to come. One wants to be associated with the very best at all times.

What’s this? “Affectionately yours, Theo.”

“P.S. …kiss kiss.”

Seems a little bit forward.

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Gaaahh!!! Wearing a tombstone on my back? Um, yes please! My lock is going to be in her glory. Not caring much for the leather, mail or plate, but he cloth is great! The pet could be better, but meh.

Just how bad would it be for an Ele Shaman to join Venthyr? Damage Wise I mean.