Venthyr Covenant: Your Invitation Awaits

Venthyr Covenant: Your Invitation Awaits

If you’re seeking a bit of grace wrapped in a bit of sin, then look no further than the aristocratic and elegant Venthyr Covenant. Every day among them brings punishment and reward—though telling the two apart can get a bit fuzzy.

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If there’s no rocky horror picture show reference in Revendreth I stg


wheres my cheat death


That got removed

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Give us the cheat death BACK.

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Venthyr are the kinky covenant confirmed.


Can we start seeing how the mogs look on different characters with wowhead model viewer?

Because wowhead only has the robes and not the pants version and the way it is going what is gonna decide covenant for me are conduits and main mog.

Necrolord cloth mog on males pandas looks cool af since it isn’t a robe, I ve seen images of venthyr mog with pants instead of robe but no such option to check on male pandas with wowhead viewer D;

Rly need this to be able to make the decision >.>

Gonna have to check what is going on in those castle dungeons : ^)

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This is where our prince is right? Any Thalassian elf who doesn’t run to Revendreth to help our Prince ascend is a traitor to the race!

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I would love to test and give feedback of the immersion of these covenants.

Back from what? We never even had it in the first place.

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We were missing an image in the article that displayed the pet, mount, and back attachment rewards. I’ve added this in now, however. :slight_smile:


Is that a bloody bat bear?

I love it

"The venthyr are a people who embrace the finer things. Their elegance and aristocratic air is most prominently on display in the Ember Court, where grand galas are hosted. Receiving an invitation—let alone being seen—is paramount to a venthyr’s reputation. Prince Renethal is seeking to establish a new order—with your help.

You’ll be tasked to invite guests, arrange for some refreshments, fend off party crashers, and in general play host or hostess with the most-est. You’ll get to live the full experience of the venthyr and witness more of their larger-than-afterlife personalities—while getting some loot for making the event a success."


Forget him, I’m gonna go chill with the Fae in Ardenweald :slight_smile:

y’know with how little each of these posts contain, they all could’ve been under one “covenant previews” post

Also please have What We do in the Shadows references with Nadjia.

“They call me Nadjia the Poker”

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Plate set looks like a Transformer. :rofl: