Vengeance DH Demon Form breaking all animations

Finally got proof of this but I can’t post videos.

If you’ve ever been curious as to why your demon hunter animations sometimes just disappear – the chances are you’re playing Vengeance demon hunter and losing them after exitting/entering your Demon Form. I have done a ton of testing to figurre out exactly why and what is going on here but from what I can gather it seems to be most consistent that when using Fel devastation and/or using Metamorphosis your animations for everything casted will completely break and stop functioning entirely.

The only way to fix this is to either log out and back in, or enter a loading screen of some kind. I have tested just about everything possible and none of the typical methods of fixing visual bugs like this work. /reload, /reload ui, /console gxRestart, etc, none of these work. The ONLY way to fix the animations is to log out and back in, or enter a loading screen of some kind (at least as far as I know)

Animations that break:
Mining, Skinning, Herbing, etc.
Any Hearthstone or Hearthstone toy
The Hunt
Algethar Box and/or any casted trinket
More that I haven’t listed.

To be honest this really sucks and irritates me and I would love to get it fixed, I’m sure it wouldn’t take anyone too long. Is there anywhere (other than here) that I can post the video I have of the bug to see if someone can look at it?


It’s been happening more frequently as a Ven-DH main :frowning: Used to only be bugged when Last Resort was triggered but now anything that causes you to enter demon form (Fel Devastation, Metamorphosis, Demonic, Last Resort) all break your animations til relog or loading screen.

I hope it gets fixed soon too, it’s really frustrating and annoying to deal with this.

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A have the exacly same problem and no fixes yet… =/ Please Devs.

I’ve tried formatting my pc e reinstall wow with no addons at all and didnt work.

I first noticed this bug early in Shadowlands. At this rate, I doubt they will ever fix it.

here we are in 2024 and my demon hunter is now infected with this bug. fix maybe before the end of the 3 world saga?

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