Vengeance dh demon form animation bugs

Is anyone else seem to lose a lot of animations after exiting vengeance demon form sometimes? The Hunt, skinning, mounting, hearthing, etc sometimes don’t work after exiting vengeance demon form. Logging out and then back in seems to be the only way to fix, but that is really annoying.


Same here, same spec, randomly losing animations when exiting demon form.
Like you, the log out/in routine is the only way to fix this annoying bug.

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Yeah, I have the same problem.

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Same here, a lot of animations don’t work

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This is still happening. Havoc is unaffected when exiting meta form.

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I have the same problem. I think its after I kill elite mobs… I always lose animation after killing a boss in a mythic+…

For me, i guess its only on DH Vengeance.


Same same! Demon form via Meta and Last Resort’s triggered demon form seems to “break” animations for my character. Dragonriding mount-up animation, profession gathering, and The Hunt animations are just a few that don’t show until relog.

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Good to know I’m not crazy – It never seemed to happen to me while playing havoc but definitely happens in Vengence.

I’ve tried every single thing possible to fix the bug and none of it works. Not even /console gxRestart, which restarts the graphics engine for WoW.

Reload UI, Reload and etc also don’t work.

There appears to be absolutely no fix at all.

Any idea if this will get fixed? any WoW devs out there acknowledged it yet?

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I’ve also noticed that since pre patch, I’ve lost my demon voice. I sound like a normal fem. blood elf, not a DH fem. blood elf.

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Any chance it gets fixed? It really blows tbh


I have not found a way to fix it. Considering the company has recently fired many, the amount of people who left due to the lawsuit, and not allowing them to work from home, I would say it’s going to be a bit. The game is littered with bugs as of now due to their lack of employment.

I have tried just about everything you can possibly think of and literally nothing fixes it.

Interestingly enough it’s only client-side. Other people see your animations perfectly fine…

i had this bug with my druid and i had to remove the crafted cooking gear from the cook equipment. but on my dh that doesnt work.

i see reports from 2020 so it looks like this is a very old issue with meta and vdh.

I’d say this is a worthy necro - can confirm this is still happening. Seems to trigger on both ways of activating Meta for VDH - both fel devastation and metamorphosis break most other animations (hearthstone, mount summoning, crafting on occasion). Very old bug :frowning:

Its amazing that legion came out 8 years ago and vengeance STILL has this bug almost a decade later. I thought it had to do with transmogging mage tower weapon appearances, but it would make sense its related to demon form. The only way to fix it is log out and back in.

Blizz please fix this

edit: Also a couple years ago I tested this with my guild mates, and they said my animation was frozen too when hearthing. A poster above said other folks see your hearthing animation, but less that has changed I dont think thats the case

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BUMP. BLIZZARD FIX DIS PLEASE. I would like to see my Hearthstone of the flame effect after smashing a key but alas i still just stand there. crazy right?