Vek ( A ) guild looking for more

My brother and I have returned after not playing for about 12 years. In that last few months we have pretty much just played like duo of solo’s. We would like to start a guild that enjoys mythic + and 10m raids up to heroic 10m. we are currently doing mythics 8-10s

He currently plays a priest main / warlock alt
I currently play Paladin / Dk tank / Mage alt

we would like to encourage 3 dps that want to do mythic content to join. We play every day from 2pm est - 9pm est.

Also a side note if your worried that you are not very good or that you have trouble playing wow dont worry we can help you get better no ones perfect we just shoot for higher percent of perfection after lots an lots of repair bills. you only learn by doing so dont be worried about that.

you can message in game