VDH trinket question

my current trinkets are porcelain crab and Xeri’tac’s unhatched egg sack. These are listed either hardly mediocre (crab) or outright bad (egg sack). Both are 476 ilevel.

crab gives: 790 agi, with a mastery and avoidance proc. Those buffs were up for 37% of my last run (m16).

egg sack: it gives 3,228 stam (~100k hp) with a damage and healing proc. it was up ~19% of the time. it did 17% of my healing and 5% of my damage.

my next highest ilevel trinket (at 463) is gift of ursine vengeance. it gives 700 agi, its equip is a bit complicated. on taking dmg, you get 9 agi stacking up to 30 times (270 agi), then it heals 16k each second for 8 seconds (128,000 hp) and then resets.

i guess my question is that most of time ilevel >> stats. however, in this case, I am wondering if 700 agi at 463 is better than a 476 +stam with healing and damage procs.

I feel like the egg sack is very underrated. should I use the 463 trinket with agi over a 476 stam/proc trinket?

(p.s. simming this only works for the dps. the 463 trinket is a dps increase, but that doesn’t really tell me anything about healing, avoidance, etc.)

take the ursine vengeance its alot of damage (which we leach from) agility which buffs our overal bulkiness, damage, survivability much more than stam does.

egg sack is very bad because you have to see what amount of that 17% of that healing was useful and not overheal. usually the majority of it heals were overheals or pointless 90% to 100% heals which you can do easily yourself

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thank you. I appreciate the details.

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All those trinkets are terrible. Farm stonescales and accelerating sandglass from DOTI

I got stonescales yesterday from an 18 run.

ironically, it is likely to be the last 18 run I needed to get 2500 on my tank. next week, i just need to time all 16s and maybe one 17 to get from 2460 to 2500.

thanks blizzard lol

p.s. i still like that egg… :slight_smile:

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grats on 2500+ btw :slight_smile:

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You need to farm 18s to get the mythic tier drops from vault. 16s are useless unless you have the 8x18s done and need aspect crests.

3k vdh here.

The crab is bad because mastery is our worst stat (mainly because demon spikes isnt very strong, and our meta and fiery brand uptimes are rather high) and avoidance does very little for tanks.

Egg sac is bad because we have naturally high stamina, making the stam on egg sac unnecessary, and the heal is redundant especially when playing the frailty stack build, which you should be playing now that you have stonescales.

Stonescales’ cheat death is good for two reasons: one, it is a really strong cheat death; two, it allows you to use a different build that is significantly better on dps and self healing.

Other solid options include the sandglass (haste plus damage), the DHT trinket (agi and vers plus occasionally kicks for you), fyrakk trinket (vers and lots of damage), and even mydas talisman from AD (lots of damage).

Any of those options are going to be good, depending on what you can actually obtain.


Sorry! I posted on my warlock. Here is my dh

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The fyrakk rag tank trinket is solid too. Easy to macro on use with meta on big pulls. No where near as much damage as the augery but very solid if you don’t go with scale.

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The reason why egg sack is bad is because it has no stats on it.

It just gives stamina.

You are much better off with Fyrakks tainted rage heart and Prophetic stone scales.

Ember of nullification is Black Rood Hold

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You would want to farm for Double Time so you should be able to loot two trinkets (Sandglass and Stone scales) from Fall. Then you can get Mydas / Ember of Nullification from AD / BRH. If you are raiding, you can try to looting Rageheart, it’s a solid trinket but you want Havoc specs for vault loot so it’s hard to get that. You have a lot of good options for trinkets.

Realize this is an old thread, but replying anyways. Crab is bad because mastery doesn’t do a ton for VDH defensively and avoidance is basically meaningless for tanks, but it can be decent as a damage trinket if you have nothing else as the mastery increases attack power and it’s a rather huge proc for VDH that has fairly high uptime (iirc ~35% from when I was using it)

Veri’tac’s is bad because static stamina is just the worst static stat you could have on a trinket. You take significantly more damage than if it had even a secondary stat, enough to far outweigh the extra health, and you deal even less. The procs are ok at best and if it had a static secondary or primary it might even be alright, but in its current form its just bad. (Blizz, stop making static stam trinkets)

Ursine Vengeance is pretty decent. It’s primarily for the primary proc, which contributes significantly to overall damage in dungeons as well as offering defensiveness. The damage/heal procs are secondary to the primary stat proc. IIRC it has some problems with simming due to proccing off damage taken or something along those lines.

Overall, I’d use crab + ursine and farm some better options, either out of raid or m+. Stonescale isn’t really needed at 20 and below, arguably not even well above that, unless you’re making significant mistakes. Usually just swap it for a damage trinket unless it’s bolstering fort at that level and some lower 20s personally. Ember of Nullification and Accelerating Sandglass are decent as M+ options.

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