Vault of the Incarnates Horde Hall of Fame is Now Full

The Horde Hall of Fame for Vault of the Incarnates has now been filled with the first 100 guilds to defeat Mythic Raszageth. Congratulations to all players who earned a spot in the annals of raiding history this season!

As of this post, 25 Alliance guilds have defeated Mythic Raszageth, leaving 75 available spots for Alliance guilds to claim their fame in history. Please note that we are aware and are working on a fix for the Hall of Fame webpage not updating recently to reflect this information.

Good luck champions!

Can we expect a drop of the 100/100 Horde/Alliance HoF spots coming up and a replacement of the top 200 overall? The title is rather meaningless for Alliance in its current state.


nerf the pushback on razageth. no one should feel obligated to race change void elf past HOF…

So you’re saying my ragtag group of clickers has a chance?


Now can we have a Nerf please? Guilds doing like 250 pulls on P1+First Intermission, then killing the Boss with more 80 pulls spreaded through P2+2nd Intermission+P3

More nerfs on P1 and put an pattern on Breaths at First Intermission. First Breaths on Red are soooo garbage to do with

needing race change or Double evoker to be able to save the priest and paladin in the fight is cringe also. nerf pushbacks on P1

I know that Mythic Terros is a wall for alot non Hardcore guild who aren’t 410+ ilvl and causing some frustration and burn outs for most raiders.

Mythic Dathea is also pretty hot garbage.

well, we’ll all be looking forward to that happening some time in late November


We don’t have China to go piloting most of those slots anymore, so you might as well just make it a flat 200 for all guilds.

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Click clackers unite!

An imbalance of Blizzards own making…