Various Shaman bug/issues


When using the talent Surge of Power; the talent reads, after casting Earth Shock, the next SPELL CAST is enhanced. But the way it is currently working is that the next spell that lands. I.e. If im casting a lava burst, and use flame shock before the lava burst hits. Surge of power enhances the flame shock that was cast AFTER, but because flame shock hits before the lava burst hits, even when the lava burst was cast first. Intended?

Another issue I’ve noticed to be having, is while using the new Perfection Essence, combined with the azerite talent of Echo of Elementals. It says that after a Fire Elemental is used (or lightning) a spark is created. These sparks last 30 seconds if you cast the actual spell. When your essence of perfection procs, the sparks last as long as the reduced elemental time. And they can stack if there are multiple procs. But I have noticed that sometimes the timers are wrong or don’t stack properly when you use your Fire Ele spell, AND you also get a proc. I’ve had my fire ele active for a minute long, but in turn only get a 20second spark (for the 2/3 procs from the essence, and not reading of the actual spell.)

Any plan to fix these, or are these functions intended to be this way?